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Who are we?

Surveyor International Group: the company which renders investment and professional services for the real-estate market.   

Working in all segments of the real-estate market enables us to offer financing, brokerage, consultative and regulatory services for developers, investors, owners and tenants.   

Germany, Berchtesgaden National Park


We can offer supplementary services regarding a broad range of very specific matters: legal, town planning, technical, all of these enable us to form a really comprehensive approach when solving our clients’ tasks.

Our objective: assist our clients in achieving the required results.

Mission: making maximum profits possible for the owners and investors from their assets and investments in the real-estate market.

Task: making use of the understanding of the laws of development of real-estate market and the accumulated experience, find customized approaches to the solution of each of the tasks set for us and to provide for efficient results, while minimizing the associated risks.

The Company’s investment strategy is targeted towards the procurement of distressed assets to improve their capitalization, enhance investment capacity and subsequent sales to institutional and private investors.The Surveyor International Group has offices in Saint-Petersburg and Simferopol.