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Seclusion and privacy


It is surprising how developers still manage to find land plots on Krestovsky Island in order to build for those who prefer to live both in elite apartments and a homogeneous social environment is the coast of the Finnish Bay.  

Island for three 

Now three residential complexes are being built up at Krestovsky: Verona by “LSR. Nedvizhimost – Severo-Zapad”, “KRESTOVSKY de luxe” by “Gasprombank-Invest Development Severo-Zapad” and “Privilegia” by Company “Evrostroy”. “The high demand for Krestovsky Island, cannot be overstated, Krestovsky is still in great demand,” General Director of LLC “Evrostroy” Oksana Kravtsova believes. All in all, on the island seven residential complexes are on sale now. In addition to houses under construction, these are  Brilliant House by Fort Group and the complex of apartments “Krestovsky,12” by Company “Terra” , both came into service last year, as well as Diadema Club House by Real Estate Management Centre (“Kredo”) and “Sovremennyi aristocrat” by Group “Praim”, both completed earlier. According to Consulting Centre “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost”, at the end of 2014 the demand at the primary market of Krestovsky Island amounted to 79 th.m2. By the way, vacant land plots on Krestovsky are practically non-existent now.  

“The western part had been completely built up long ago, and the idea to develop new plots was rejected in the days of governor Valentina Matvienko who objected to the island development repeatedly”, -  Head of Sales and Acquisition Department of  Surveyor International Group Maxim Ignatovich notes. 

Head of CC “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” Olga Trosheva states that in general the reserve for future development consists of small spot objects which still might appear on the island.  She further comments in addition, there are some houses to restore. Thanks to them, some small projects for 20-40 apartments still might appear.  

Concept is the main thing  

The main feature of new residential complexes on Krestovsky Island is that they all have a certain concept. Earlier, only a few houses could have it. New projects vary very much, from representative made-to-order apartments to one room apartments with an area of 100 m2.   Also, in the new residential complexes of Krestovsky Island the marine theme is being fully realized.

No dust, no noise 

The main advantage of urban elite housing is that it allows its owner to lead a private way of life. “The demand for highly private and isolated living space is the most actual and popular one among customers in the current year”, - Director of sales and marketing of LLC “Gasprombank-Invest Development Severo-Zapad” Elena Karataeva explains. She elucidates that the infrastructure of Krestovsky Island is rich with prestigious spots, and the customers of the deluxe segment prefer to choose the recreational areas regardless of their residence.  RC “Privilegia” has its own approach for solving the problem of infrastructure: the whole stylobate (total ground floor) is occupied by infrastructure. It is expected to be required by the residents of the whole island. In addition, within the complex there are no commercial premises, this provision  excluding the possibility of any strangers entering the private territory. 

But then, inside the blocks there are spaces where the residents can communicate with each other. A new stadium at Krestovsky will not impact on life much as all vacant land plots in the immediate vicinity of it have already been developed in the late 2000s, and now there are few apartment blocks  there. At any rate, all RC completed by 2014 were sold, and only a few apartments are on sale now on the secondary market, in the words of Maxim Ignatovich. Nevertheless, the remote location far from the stadium, characteristics common for all buildings of this type, and pleasant surroundings neutralize any negative attitude.       

For personal usage 

Till now the demand for elite apartments at Krestovsky has not decreased as the customers of elite real estate rarery depend on mortgages on the whole economy situation. In the words of Olga Trosheva, on 1st March, 2015 the average price per square metre was 341,5 th.roubles, this price being higher than the elite average price in Petrogradsky district by 17,6 %. At the end of 2014 the price of elite housing increased faster as the demand was excessively great: for the first 3 quarters of 2014 the price increased by 5 % on average, while for the 4th quarter the price declared by owners increased by 10-11 %, as Colliers International notes. One should consider that only about 10 % of apartments on Krestovsky Island are purchased, for the purpose of investment, as Director of residential real estate department of Colliers International in Petersburg Elisaveta Konvey notes.  In her words, customers from regions prefer Tsentralny district of Petersburg, while Moscow citizens, on the contrary, rate highly districts with much verdure and water. Commercial Director of “LSR. Nedvizhimost – Severo-Zapad” Denis Babakov also notes that most of the apartment purchasers reside in Petersburg, though the proportion of Moscow citizens has recently increased. Builders say that the low proportion of investment apartments can be explained by financial policy. “If there is no need to finance building only at the expense of selling, without possible price dumping the number of investors zeroes”, - Elena Karataeva comments. In the words of Denis Babakov, in terms of social background the majority of modern customers consists of businessmen (69%) and top managers (15 %). As Oksana Kravtsova adds, their clients have recently become younger– they are about 30, they are energetic and active, many of them are married, and take an interest in large and expensive offers.     


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