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City grows southwards


The district of Shushary settlement possesses territories so large that they  can provide building companies with work for the next 20-30 years until new buildings reach Pushkin. The main thing here is to construct both houses and infrastructure.  

At the territory of modern Petersburg the Shushary settlement is one of the oldest administrative units existing since the XVIII century. Its name was derived from the Finnish word    “Suosaari” which means “island amidst marshes”. The Shushary settlement occupies the large territory in the northern part of Pushkinsky district. For a long time the settlement had been isolated from the city. After factories Toyota and General Motors had appeared in Shushary in the  2000s, the large interchange of Moskovskoe highway with the ring road was built followed by the extention of Vitebsky Avenue. New transport infrastructure stimulated the massive residential construction in the settlement’s  outskirts.  As a result, for the period from 2012 to 2014, over 150 th.m2 of housing have been constructed. 


"Dalpiterstroy” was and remains the  general builder which initiated the large development of Shushary and bought the large areas of agricultural lands of sovkhozes “Shushary” and “Detskoselsky” at the beginning of the 2000s”,- Head of Sales and Acquisition Department of  Surveyor International Group (SIG) Maxim Ignatovich states.

 Company builds according to the project of planning and surveying approved in 2008, - then “Dalpiterstroy” began to construct its first residential complex “Tsentralnaya Usadba”. Then “Dalpiterstroy” was followed by other builders, including Normann which has constructed RC “Shushary”.  

To build much and economically 

According to SIG, all in all seven residential complexes of a general area of about 450 th.m2 are being constructed now in the district of Shushary and Lensovetovsky settlement.  These are RC “Yunion” (the builder “Polis Group”), RC “Volna” (“Dalpiterstroy”), RC “Bosfor” (“Lider Group”), RC “Variant” (“Areal”), RC “Dom khoroshikh kvartir” (Combine of construction metal products), RC “Lensovetovsky” (“Titan”), and RC “Dobrynya” (“ST Plyus”). 

As Maxim Ignatovich notes, when the announced complexes are built in 3 years, the population of Shushary is expected to grow from 22 th. in 2010 to 100 th.  

In addition, Head of CC (consulting centre) “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” Olga Trosheva says that on the 1st March, 2015, apartments are on sale only in three residential complexes: two blocks of Company “Dalpiterstroy” and RC “Bosfor” by “Lider Group”. In other complexes, apartments have been purchased and the last remaining apartments are on sale now.     According to CC “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost”, in this district the total offering comprises 21,3 th.m2. In the 4th quarter of 2014, in the given area about 15 th.m2 of housing were purchased, that amount being record-breaking last year.    One more site of intense construction in the Shushary district is the area at the crossing of Pulkovskoe and Volkhonskoe highways, i.e., at the border of Moskovsky and Pushkinsky administrative districts. In the words of Olga Trosheva, at the moment three residential complexes have apartments on sale here:  RC “Trio” (“Petrotrest”), RC “Tsarsky Dvor” (“Lider Group”) and RC “Pushgorod” (“Patriot-Neva”).The total offering comprises more than 25 th.m2 of housing, over 2 th.m2 of residential property having been sold in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Affordable housing 

As in other similar districts of mass “fields” development, all housing here is economy class. “It is clear that to lure citizens into the district with problem infrastructure and the absence of an underground even in prospect is possible through price only. The price here is one of the lowest ones in the city, considering that all building is being carried out within the boundaries of Petersburg, on ground which is city property”, Maxim Ignatovich notes.

According to CC “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost”, now the average price per square metre amounts to 68,9 th.roubles per 1 m2, this price being 34 % lower than the average price of housing of mass-market class in the city districts already developed. Thus, a studio apartment may be purchased here starting at 1,8 mln.roubles, one room apartment – from 2,2 mln. roubles, one bedroom apartment – from 3,3 mln.roubles, two bedroom apartment – from 4,2 mln.roubles by a lump sum payment.  In the area located at the crossing of Pulkovskoe and Volkhonskoe highways the average price is higher and is presently 86,6 th.roubles per 1 m2, in the words of Olga Trosheva. In recent years the prices for apartments in the settlement have remained unchanged due to problem infrastructure and the increasing development of new areas. 

Perspective territories

The settlement territories appropriate for development are large enough.  For example, recently in this district GC (group of companies) “Lider Group” has purchased a large area to develop.  "The point here is the large project of complex development of territories. According to this project about 1,1 mln.m2 of residential housing and infrastructure projects are planned to be constructed  by 2030", — Director of the sales department of GC “Lider Group” Vitaly Vinogradov states. Also, Company SVP Group announced a plan to construct a residential micro district with a total residential area 1,5 mln m2. In the words of Olga Trosheva, the projects are at the stage of project documentation coordination.  

Maxim Ignatovich points out that, the vacant territories joining the settlement from the West and bordering ring road KAD and a branch of the suburban railroad will be developed first.  Next, the settlement will grow towards Pushkin until the borders of populated areas in this direction practically disappear and a single agglomeration forms. Thus, the construction complex will be provided with work for the next 20-30 years.

Nevertheless, besides housing, builders will have to contribute much to the infrastructure, as the construction is being carried out in fields. For example, “Lider Group” plans to spend as much as 8 bln.roubles, including investing in a transport interchange.  

Remember that in the spring of 2014 the indignant residents of Shushary protested against underdeveloped social and transport infrastructure.  As a result, in March 2014, Vice Governor Marat Oganesyan prohibited the issuance of new development plans until the problem is solved.   However, till now little has changed in the district, and residents are still objecting to the settlement enlargement.  


Maria Mokeicheva - maria.mokeycheva@dp.ru

"Delovoi Peterburg", № 052, 03/04/2015, с 16(08)

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