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The Gulf of Finland South side


The Krasnoselskii district is very popular among the customers, being third in terms of demand volume only to the Primorskii and Vyborgskii districts.   

The south-west part of the city has been actively developed since the 1980’s. As there were left less and less free spots on the developed territories, construction process step by step moved towards the Gulf of Finland in the Krasnoselskii district.

Among leaders

According to the  "BFA–Development", during 2012–2014 there were put its commission more than 20 residential estates with an overall area of 1 mln m2 including social dwellings constructed in Krasnoye Selo. For instance the residential estates "Dva kapitana" (Normann), "Triniti" ("YIT"), "Dudergofskaya liniya" ("Lenrusstory"). In some residential estates the first bulks within the large block projects were put in to commission ("Baltiyskaya zhemchuzhina", "More").

In the context of residence being constructed the Krasnoselskii district takes fifth place, notes marketing expert and analyst of the ZAO " BFA–Development " Ekaterina Belyaeva: here and now is being constructed 7% of all the residences being developed in the city — 22 residential estates (taking the queues into consideration) with an overall area of 3,6 mln m2.

Herewith,  the Krasnoselskii district is second in relation to the mass-market class residences supply volume among the developed districts of St. Petersburg, they consider in the consulting centre "Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost". 16,2% of residence volume represented on the market or 353 th m2 are located there. From January to September of the 2014 the supply grew by 151,74 th m2.

Altogether sales are being realized in 12 residential estates now (without taking the queues into consideration), 11 of which belong to the mass- market class, correspondingly, residence market volume of  the Krasnoselskii district  for the 1st October was 794 th m2, or approximately 16 th flats.

For 9 months of 2014 in the Krasnoselskii district there were put in to commission 115,6 m2 of dwellings. Demand for flats is active too. For these nine months approximately 235 th m2 of dwellings were sold put, which it in third place in relation to to the realized residence volume (in square metre) among the developed city districts.

Complex approach

The largest developers of the Krasnoselskii district, according to the general director of the Surveyor International Group Arsen Kelemenian are the "BFA–Development", which realizes integrated development projects on a territory of 30 ha by constructing 0,5 mln of dwellings, and the "LSR. Nedvizhimost— Severo–Zapad", which is developing a plot of 24 hа.

Altogether nowadays more than 10 large developers run construction in the Krasnoselskii district. This includes the project "Baltiyskaya zhemchuzhina", "Dudergofskaya liniya" in Gorelovo ("Lenrusstroy"), the block renovation in Sosnovaya Polyana — the project "Sandey" ("SPb Renovatsyia"), "Linkor" (KVS), "More" and "Solnechnyi gorod" (Setl City), "Baltiyskaya volna" (company "Rant"). According to Ekaterina Belyaeva, there is left unsolved the question of the terms of the termination of construction in two residential estates constructed to 50% by the company “Gorod” on the Gulf of Finland shore — "Leninskii park" and "Pribaltiyskii".

New buildings there exist on more distant territories of the Krasnoselskii district. For instance, in Gorelovo, in Krasnoye Selo in Spirina street (first of all residences for the militaries and state employees), on the Gatchinskoye highroad near Krasnogorodskaya and Vosstanovleniya streets. According to Olga Trosheva, head of the consulting centre "Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost", 57,4% of market volume is occupied by comfort segment projects, mainly they are located on the territory of the microdistrict "Baltiiskaya zhemchuzhina". Economy class residential estates are concentrated in the south-western Primorskaya part of the Krasnoselskii district. Also there is in progress large-scale development within the project of renovation of the  residential quarter "Sosnovaya Polyana" — the "SPb - Renovatsya" company is constructing residential estate"Sandey". Business class is represented by only one project – Duderhof Club within the "Baltiyskaya zhemchuzhina" project. Experts notice, that the residences, which are being sold, mainly belong to the economy class because of the vehicle access problems. Truth be told, taking into the consideration the projects proximity to the Gulf of Finland they can have a higher position.

Perspective investment

For the present moment residence price in the  Krasnoselskii district is lower than in other developed city districts, though the final cost depends on the peculiarities of every project. The cheapest square metres cost here from 68 th roubles. According to Olga Trosheva, for the beginning of October a square metre in the mass-market segment averages out at 92,5 th roubles, which is 5,9% lower than the overall average for the city. The situation will change as soon as the underground reaches the new districts, considers Denis Babakov, the commercial director of "LSR. Nedvizhimost — Severo–Zapad". Truth be told, this future is still remote. In fact, on the territory of the Krasnoselskii district there are no underground stations at all, because the nearest "Avtovo", "Leninskii prospekt" and "Prospect Veteranov" belong to the Kirovskii district. As for the stations near the South-Western Primorskaya part of the district they must appear by 2025 according to the boldest predictions, notes Ekaterina Belyaeva.

Closer to the palaces

Despite the large volume of development, the Krasnoselskii district  is still interesting for developers. Construction of entire blocks is still possible here. According to the different estimates, more than 400 ha of territory are still available for development.

For instance, according to Arsen Kelemenian, microdistrict “Baltiiskaya zhemchuzhina” possesses significant resources, here 22 hа of residence zone are not occupied, which will provide 130 th m2 of dwelling. In this very block there is provided 21 hа of the territory for social and business function, where there can also be constructed residences, though in less volume. Territory in the borderland between Krasnoselskoye and Volkhonskoye highroads can be classified as potential for housing construction in the Krasnoselskii district. The zone near the Gulf of Finland behind Leninskii prospect will be further developed. Upon condition of successful realization of a pilot project in the Sosnovaya Polyana, the lots renovation will become one of the prospective directions.

Now according to Ekaterina Belyaeva, in the Krasnoselskii district   there is concentrated a significant number of chaotic low rise buildings on attractive plots, and the absence of serious development plans for transport infrastructure of the district results in the fact that the new buildings are not concentrated in all the possible locations. One more prospective direction is located near Petergofskoye highroad on the borders of the Krasnoselskii district and Petrodvortsovyi district. For instance in September “Solnechnyi gorod” by the Setl City company, was started. Altogether on the plot of 185 hа they plan to construct 1,3 mln m2 of dwellings, first turn. Besides the dwellings there will be developed 13 kindergartens, five schools, 2 hospitals, several malls and shops. The investment volume is estimated at 116 billion  roubles. Also on the borders of the  Krasnoselskii district  and Petrodvortsovskyi district the "KVS" company plans to start development of a big residential estate. According to the deputy executive manager of the ООО "KVS–YuG" Aleksander Shafranskyi, that will be a residential estate of 460 th m2 with wide social infrastructure. The “Satellite Development” company declared one more large-scale project in this direction. On the plot of 380 hа by 2025 it is planned to develop 1,5 mln m2 of dwelling and corresponding infrastructure. Investment volume to the new residential district Novo-Sergiyevo development between the belt highway and Petergofskoye highroad is estimated at $2–2,5 billion. The development process hasn`t been started yet.

Going off the subterranean

In the context of the environment the Krasnoselskii district is rather attractive. For instance, according to Arsen Kelemenian, large industrial enterprises there are absent. The only one project that lowers the quality of surrounding is the Yugo-Zapadnaya TETs. But herewith the infrastructure can`t develop as fast as the housing development.

 "Already there are significant traffic issues in the district especially in peak hours", - comments Tamara Popova the head of the department of real estate market studying of the Knight Frank St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, the developers consider that the district has good prospectives. "Construction of the new underground station is in progress", - states Ekaterina Belyaeva. There are exits in road construction as well: there were developed and connected extension of Geroyev prospect and Marshala Kazakova street, extension of Leninskii prospect from the Geroyev prospect westward is being developed. Also by the end of  2015 road builders must  develop the embankments of the Dudergofskiy canal and build an arterial road, which will connect  Marshala Kazakova street , Marshala Zakharova street and the Leninskiy prospect.


Maria Mokeicheva - maria.mokeycheva@dp.ru

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