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With the regional registration


The only regional underground station “Devyatkino”, attracts both developers and customers. However new construction units appear farther and farther from the underground because there is no vacant space near it at all. 

Contemporary development stage in Devyatkino was started not so long ago. The first developers after a long period of silence came here only in 2010 with residential projects of economy-class, offering the potential customers the most available dwellings at that moment.

Above all things

The main construction of the territory around Devyatkino is represented by large projects which are put in commission on turn — during approximately 2–3 years complete termination of three large residential estates is expected. According to the consultation centre "Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost", in the 2011–2014 here were completely put in to commission a residential estate" Devyatkino " from the company "Arsenal - Nedvizhimost" (110 th m2), residential estate"Yantar" of the company "Polis grupp" (18,5 th m2), residential estate "Fregat" of the company "Russkaya skazka" (32,4 th m2). As for the turns of the projects – there are put in commission several buildings of the residential estate "Mechta" of the company "Mavis" (45,5 th m2), most buildings of the residential estate "Novoye Devyatkino" from the "UNISTO Petrostal" (15 th m2), the first two buildings of the residential estate "Novoye Murino" from the CDS (63,4 th m2). The first two turns of the residential estate "Eland" from the NCC (47 th m2) are put in commission. In the III quarter of the 2014 the first three buildings of the residential estate "Tridevyatkino tsarstvo" of the company " UNISTO Petrostal " (20,1 th m2) are put in commission."Massive population of the microdistrict will start in the following year, when the first turns of such large projects as "GreenLandia", "Solnechnyi", "Moy Gorod", "Sily Prirody" will be populated, — says the general director of the "NCC Zhilishnoye stroitelstvo" (Russia) Yuuso Khietanen.

Lots of construction sites

Nowadays the territory of Devyatkino is the most developing district of St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya region. On the territory of Murino — Novoe Devyatkino for the 1st October there are being constructed 27 residential estates, which are being constructed by 20 developers. "The market level of this territory for the 1st October was 1,32 mln m2, - says Evgenya Litvinova, the head of the project of consulting centre "Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost", — the supply volume was 570 th m2". Evgenya Litvinova says that recently the Moscow Company «MonArkh–Development», which started selling flats in the residential estate «Severnaya palitra" in September of 2014 joined the pull of developers in this location. Now they sell flats in the first turn objects — 14,8 th m2, entire project development volume is 78,1 th m2. In October there also started sales in the first turn of the residential estate "Gamma" of the company "Promservis" (41,2 th m2), reservation of flats is available in some sections of  the residential estate"Alfavit" of the company "Petrostroy" (15,3 th m2). "Generally, according to the projects declared, the new construction overall area in the settlements Novoye Devyatkino and Murino will be approximately 5–6 mln m2", — states the general director of the state concern "UNISTO Petrostal " Arseniy Vasiliev.

Budget option

In general around “Devyatkino” underground station " Devyatkino" there is being built mass-market dwellings with the corresponding characteristics: compact planning, big amount of studios and single-room flats, multi-storied. According to the consulting centre "Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost", the average price in Murino is 81 th roubles for a square meter, for 2014 it has grown for 5,2%. In Novoye Devyatkino the average price is 71,2 th roubles for a square meter, and from the beginning of the year it has grown for 1,6%. Herewith the prices are lower by 17,4% and 27,5% correspondingly, than in the mass-market class dwellings in the developed districts of St. Petersburg. Herewith the flat price varies significantly depending on the location, quality and class of a project, level of readiness and also the developer`s reputation. For instance the minimum price of a square metre starts with 43 th roubles in the residential estate "Vorontsov", located in Murino, far from the underground. "If an project is on a high level of readiness and near an underground — within 3–5 minutes walking, — then the price may reach 90 th roubles for a square meter", — comments Juuso Hietanen.

"Lower development price compared to the one in the city and less administrative overheads, which are characteristic of the Leningradskaya region, allow making a product more available in the context of price ", — states the lead analyst of the Surveyor International Group Olga Frolova.

We will go northward

There is practically nothing left lots for the new projects near to the underground, new construction sites appear farther and farther from the underground, and as a result are less competitive. In general the resources of the area behind the KAD are great. "As for the KAD near Devyatkino the developers may continue the expansion both in right and left sides and also along the Toksovskoye  highroad", — climes the director of the department of new buildings of Becar Polina Yakovleva. Now nearby in Bugry there is in progress an active construction process. According to the head of the real estate department of the state concern "CDS" Sergey Terentiev, joining of these districts is possible in prospective the future.

Olga Frolova says that one of the most prospective and unoccupied plots is the one of 22,17 hа, belonging to “CDS”, where the company is planning to construct 185 th m2 of dwellings, a kindergarten and a school. Besides that, in Novoye Devyatkino there is a lot of 17 hа, belonging to the SK "Dalpiterstroy".

Evgenya Litvinova also points out that in Murino there are non-realized plots belonging to the landlord "Evroinvest", which were repurchased from the agricultural company "Ruchi". Also in Novoye Devyatkino there is expected the company`s "Grad" project on a plot of 30 hа. According to preliminary data, it is possible to construct 250 th m2 of dwelling there.

The pipes deal

From the developers` point of view, the main difficulty of regional territories development is utility lines connection. According to Arseniy Vasiliev, waterline and canalization are either to be modernized significantly or constructed from the very beginning. Points of connection to water and to heating may be founded several kilometers beyond the residential estate being built. Of course such works on incurs communications building significant costs. Besides that, while creating a district from the very beginning, one has to construct many social infrastructure objects. Partially this question is solved on behalf of the program "Social objects in return for taxes”— for the developers registered in the region. There are also problems with the roads. Though the underground station makes a district attractive it can`t completely solve the transport problem of a territory being actively developed. And the main problem of Devyatkino nowadays is transport. Exit from several estates is possible only through the Kultury prospect and the Toksovskoye highroad doesn`t manage the load in peak hours. Plans of a highroad with an exit to the КАD are being discussed, but their realization in the near future is improbable. Sergey Terentiev says that in 2014 specialists of the state concern "CDS" together with other companies were taking part in Toksovskoye highroad extension. The developers have also started the construction of a road, which will connect new blocks with the underground station and the Severnyi bus terminal. An international bus terminal with an exit to the route of Toksovo — Matoksa near "Devyatkino" underground station is being projected.

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"Delovoi Peterburg", № 186, 11/07/2014, p. 15(03)

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