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Stability Synonym


Petersburg Companies construct special buildings designed for office headquarters rather seldom, as they prefer lease.

Compared with Moscow, the market of office mansions used as headquarters practically doesn’t exist in Petersburg. Today, there are only a few dozen buildings being used entirely as offices by some companies, the majority part of them being reconstructed objects.  

Large and Small 

"Traditionally, the constructing of buildings for any particular need has been popular among relatively small companies, especially in the field of construction,  —  Head of Sales and Acquisition Department  of Surveyor International Group Maxim Ignatovich states. — The area of those buildings was not great – 3-5 th. m2 designed for the staff of an average building company of around 200-300 personnel. That tendency has been gradually decreasing and has  finally disappeared completely."

Recently, some office buildings have appeared: “Lukoil” on Aptekarskaya embankment, “Transneft” on Arsenalnaya embankment, VTB on “Nevskaya ratusha” (Company hasn’t moved into it yet), and  “Sankt-Peterburg” Bank (the office centre of “Sankt-Petersburg Plaza”) on Maloohtinsky Avenue.     The largest constructing project of headquarters is “Lahta Centre” intended for all divisions of “Gasprom”.  

Relying upon Oneself  

"Without constructing a proper building, you may buy an already made object, — Head Consultant of Office Real Estate of Colliers International, Petersburg, Mariam Faizullina notes. — For example, the recent purchases were BC “Apollo” bought by Company “TsDS”, and BC “Litera” bought by Company “BTK – Development”. "The main purpose of a proper office house construction is the creation of a positive company image, as well as a demonstration of it’s high status, - Head of Project of BC “Sova” Andrey Makarov notes. — In practice, you may lower expenses, placing all company’s divisions under the one roof of the headquarters".In the words of Elena Treskova, Head of Projects of Investment and Sale Department of Knight Frank St. Petersburg, the interest in the constructing and purchasing of proper houses is also conditioned by the special features of mentality: property is the synonym of stability, independence from the owner’s plans and lease market perturbations. "Proper commercial real estate is an expensive pleasure, but, as a rule, buyers regard these expenses as invested into their own object, while lease costs are regarded as money thrown away", — Elena Treskova notes.

Area Excesses

The constructing of a proper house means that either the total area will be required or some supply will remain, allowing for the growth of needs. Thus,  renting is rare. Usually, the excess of area is not more than 10 %, the neighbouring  tenants being regarded as inconvenient in certain cases.  Currently, most companies optimize their areas and try to get rid of those not called for.   "The same thing is taking place in the headquarters of large corporations, though they tend to prevent this, — Vera Boikova, Head of Department on Work with Clients of ASTERA allied with BNP Paribas Real Estate, says — for they can get more profit, renting unclaimed areas".

Thus, according to the data of  Surveyor International Group, YIT has been leasing two floors of the house in Primorsky avenue, 54, “Lukoil” leasing areas as well. Rates are determined by an average market cost, considering the individual possibilities of each tenant.  

Over the next three years the constructing of new headquarters is unlikely to take place, according to experts. 


Maria Mokeicheva - maria.mokeycheva@dp.ru

"Delovoi Peterburg", № 092, 08/06/2015, с 21(11)

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