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Construction in the Southern districts


There are no available plots of land for the construction of residential facilities in the Frunzensky district. This is why the given district ranks last place in the rating list of Saint-Petersburg districts as per volume of the construction of residential buildings.  

The southern part of Frunzensky district, which is more commonly known among local people as Kupchino, is far from being active area in terms of construction over the last few years. So according to the data compiled by “ARIN”, during the first half of 2014, out of 1.4 million m2 of erected residential buildings only 1.5% were built in the Frunzensky District.

Long way home

Senior analyst at Surveyor International Group, Olga Frolova said: “The construction in the area of Yuzhnoe shosse (Yuzhnoe Highway) in fact went on till the 1960s, after which there were practically no new buildings, commissioned in this area. Since then the closest developed area was along Slavy Prospect”.

A few residential complexes were commissioned in the period from 2008 to 2010. These included RC “Twin Peaks” on Bucharest Street, built by CC “Impulse” offering a total apartment space of 24.6 thousand m2, RC “Respect”, located not far from Internationalist Park, built by “Rikel” (21.8 thousand m2), RC “Raduga” built by “LenSpecSmu” on Zagrebsky Boulevard (128.2 thousand m2), RC “Mezhdunarodny”, located on Budapest Street and built by “Kvartira.ru” (41.5 thousand m2).

Following the above mentioned buildings the next facilities were commissioned in Kupchino only in 2013. These objects included such residential complexes as RC “Edinstvo” built by “SMU-3” (15.3 thousand m2 of residential space). The buildings which have been commissioned lately, usually, had hard tracks. For example, in summer 2013, the problematic RC “Cassiopia” was commissioned on Dimitrova Street. The history of this complex dates back to 2003 and initially it had to be completed by “Istochnik-Stroi” in 2006, but it never happened, because the construction was put on halt. In 2010 the construction company was declared bankrupt and the process was taken up by the shareholders, who founded RCC “Cassiopeia”. So eventually the project, offering 35.8 thousand m2, took 10 years to complete.

Another problematic project was RC “Brigantina”, which was officially commissioned in September 2014. This project also took around 10 years to complete. According to the initial plans, the “Impulse” construction company was supposed to complete this facility with 50.1 thousand m2 in 2006. Nine years after the start of the project the municipal authorities involved another construction company with the project: “RosStroiInvest”. This company arranges for the connection of the buildings to the utility networks.

According to the Head of the Department of Marketing Research at CC “Petersburg Real Estate” (“Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost”), Julia Nigul, one more delayed construction project is nearly finished: second and third phases of RC “Slavburg” (20.1 thousand m2 of residential space). The construction of this building was started in 2004 by “ZhSK-1492” project company.

But the apartments were not commissioned in-time, and in 2011 the construction company declared bankruptcy. As in the case of “Cassiopeia”, the city stepped in and gave the right to completion of construction to the interestholders (consumer cooperative).

All alone

Currently in the area along the Yuhnoe Shosse (Yuzhnoe Highway) in Kupchino only one residential complex is under construction: RC “Sofia” being built by “LSR. Real Estate – North-West”. This complex is being built on the location of former “Stroifarfor” and “Keramika” factories, which belonged to the same “LSR Group”. The area of construction is 20.8 thousand hectares. Total residential space, which has to be built by 2018, will be more than 300 thousand m2.

Since the beginning of construction in 2013, all 15 buildings of this residential complex have been put up for sale, offering 194.2 thousand m2 of space. Notably part of these buildings has already been completed. By the end of 2014 the first two buildings of this complex will be commissioned.

According to the data by CC “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost”, as of September 1 2014 the average price of a square metre is 87.6 thousand roubles.

According to Olga Frolova, the under construction residential buildings can be classified as economy class: the plot is adjacent to communal-storage zones and is located in a district with the least favourable social setup: very close to the thoroughfare (Sofiskaya Street), which is a source of noise and air pollution. These buildings are also economy class because the construction is very high density, with 25 floor buildings standing without sufficient inter-building space. Plattenbau construction (construction of large, prefabricated concrete slabs) as per Russian standards also determine the economy class. Furthermore Olga Frolova stated that the cost of a square metre of residential space in the buildings, which will be commissioned in 2016, starts from 96 thousand roubles.

According to the Director of “IQ Gachina”, Victor Lebedev, there are no new plots in this area, which would interest developers. He further added: “There hasn’t been a lot of new construction in Kupchino in the last few years, which dictates the high prices, which translates into the marginality of living space in the project”.

Industry vs residence

The only part of Yuzhnoe Shosse between Bucharest and Sofiyskaya Streets, which is not occupied by industrial or storage facilities and which can be used for the construction of residential buildings as per the General plan of the city, has a length of only 1.5 km. This is the exact location of RC “Sofia”.

Olga Frolova commented: “Therefore the construction of residential buildings at this spot is possible only as compacting development within the framework of the existing or the framework of redevelopment of the only residential block, which was constructed in 1950-1960”.

According to Julia Nigul, the construction of residential buildings on Yuzhnoe Shosse and its surroundings is either possible only in stand-alone building format or as part of the redevelopment, for example, of the land occupied by industrial zones and garages. 

The Executive Director of CJSC “Oikumena”, Roman Miroshnikov, also noted that the area around the Zhuzhny Highway is developing only due to the inclusion in sales of industrial land, but till now only by the “LSR Group”.

From among the prospects of construction in this area we can note that on the 22nd October 2014 the project for the planning and demarcation of territory in between Sofiyskaya Street, Dunaisky Prospect, Malaya Buharestskaya Street, the under planning passage and Dimitrova Street will be discussed. According to Julia Nigul this land can be used to construct some 175 thousand m2 of residential space. The project also includes the construction of nursery school for 190 toddlers and a school for 550 students, underground and over ground parking lots with a capacity of 6.6 thousand vehicles.

Not only residential space

Except for the construction of residential buildings, it is also very important to create nice living conditions for the development of the area. “The main specific of this location is the low level of social and natural environments, which are predominantly due to ramshackle buildings, freight transport infrastructure and industrial and utility facilities”, thinks Olga Frolova, adding: “All of this reduces the attractiveness of this area as a residential neighbourhood”. The only possible way of creating a comfortable environment is to implement large-scale projects, which would provide for the development of local open space.

Among the advantages of the Frunzensky District we can consider the fact that this is one of the districts with the most developed infrastructure: there are 50 general education schools here (secondary schools), 80 institutions for pre-school children and supplementary education, a number of pedagogic and scientific and methodological centres and an abundance of health-improvement, sports and recreational complexes.

However, all of these facilities are fair distance from the under construction RC “Sofia”: the construction is mainly within the industrial zone and yet there are no social facilities in the vicinity. However, the construction plan includes the building of two schools, nursery schools and for car owners the project offers a multi-level car park. 

The situation with public transport is also not very clear in the Frunzensky district. Despite the well-developed infrastructure, the district often encounters problems: the automobile traffic is very heavy in general and on Slavy Prospect also. The traffic situation is better near Kupchino underground station, because there are more thoroughfares here. The situation with access should improve significantly, when the “Prospekt Slavy” underground station will be commissioned, which will be very close to the “LSR Group’s” under construction complex.


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