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The Ladoga expanse


The construction of residential facilities near “Ladozhskaya” underground will mainly be due to the development of the industrial area. To establish comfortable living conditions the builders will have to invest a lot of effort. 

One of the main advantages of the area adjacent to the “Ladozhskaya” underground is its proximity to the city centre: just two underground stations away from Nevsky Prospect. However, new buildings can only be built here on the lands of the former industrial zones, which complicates the developers’ task somewhat.

New living space (New metres)

As per the data by Knight Frank St-Petersburg, currently a total of 114 thousand m2, covering 5 residential complexes, is available near “Ladozhskaya” underground station. The construction of “Ladozhsky Park” residential complex was completed recently. This complex covers an area of 15 hectares and consists of around 15 multi-storey buildings.

The Director General of Surveyor International Group, Arsen Kelemenyan said: “This project was problematic and lengthy. The last sections have just been finished”. It has to be kept in mind that the RC’s builder, “Kvartira.ru – North-West”, went bankrupt at the beginning of this year, fortunately after handing over the apartments to the owners.

ICG “Mavis” commissioned the “House on Peredovikov Street” residential complex in June. Around seven buildings were commissioned in the area of Peredovikov Street, but most of the project comprised of single multi-storey buildings. 

At this time the biggest project in the “Ladozhskaya” area is the project of Setl City, called “Zima Leto” [“Winter Summer”], which is being constructed in collaboration with the “LSR Group”. The buildings will be built on the banks of the River Okhta, approximately 300 metres from the underground station. The total area of the complex is 150,000m2. Six 22-floor buildings are currently being erected on the given territory. The residential complex is being built on a plot of around 10 hectares. This land was earlier occupied by the reinforced concrete precast factory “Barricade”, which is a member of the LSR Group. The first buildings of this complex will be commissioned in 2016. According to experts the volume of investment is estimated to be around 4.5 billion roubles. Other residential complexes are being built at more remote, but still in one way or the other close to “Ladozhskaya” station. The head of the department of real estate market research at Knight Frank St-Petersburg, Tamara Popova, particularly mentioned the “Stereos” residential complex by “SPB Rennovatsia” [“Renovation”] and the complex on Energetikov Prospect. Also worth mentioning is the residential complex “New Ton” located on Irinovsky Prospect.

Arsen Kelemenyan pointed out that one of the most large-scale projects in the area is the renovation project of Malaya Okhta block, which is also designed by “SPB Rennovatsia”. Currently the area of 2.5 hectares between Utkin and Zanevsky Prospects is occupied by buildings constructed in the 1940-1950s, which are not in very good condition. Within the framework of the overall development of the area, it has been planned to erect more than 120,000m2 of new residential premises.

As a spare construction site, we can consider the plot of the former ash-dump to the south-west of the Ladozhsky Railway Station: currently occupied by the asphalt-concrete factory “Magistral” and a number of other manufacturing units. 

Various numbers

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, President of “ARIN” Group, Andrey Tetish, a lot of comfort-class residential buildings are under construction in the north-eastern districts of the city, and these buildings are mostly located near the underground stations, the Neva and various parks.

The average price of newly constructed buildings in the Krasnogvardeysky district of St-Petersburg, as per the data by ARIN, is 120.3 thousand roubles per m2 near the River Okhta and 88.1 thousand roubles per m2 in areas away from the Okhta. According to Andrey Tetish, the prices for apartments at the start of sales, for example, in the “Zima Leto” complex are as follows: single room apartment starts from 3.5 million roubles and two room apartment starts from 5.5 million roubles.

Plus Minus

The given territory is attractive to builders, first of all due to its’ proximity to the city centre and due to its’ developed commercial infrastructure. However, for that there are only two underground stations on the territory of the Krasnogvardeysky district and other areas are comparatively hard to reach. Therefore residence near the “Ladozhskaya” underground must clearly be considered as convenient relative to the intra-district standards.

But there are negative factors as well, which influence the construction business in the area. “You can notice the negative effect of the railway station, which attracts a specific group of people, who considerably worsen the social climate”, noted Arsen Kelemenyan.

The Head of Department of Real Estate of GC “CDS”, Sergei Terentiev says that currently new construction in that area was mostly taking place near the River Neva, but there were prospective plots, for example the industrial park along the River Okhta, where interesting projects were already underway. He further noted: “The development of these projects will depend on the will of the authorities to redesignate this land from commercial and industrial function to residential function”.

Svetlana Petrova, the Director of GC “Baltiisky Monolith” considers that given the current state of the area, this land could only be used for the construction of economy class residential facilities, however, there was potential for the construction of comfort and business class buildings as well. The developers are interested in this district because of its proximity to the city centre and availability of plots, which could be used to construct residential apartments or condominiums.

She further explained: “The problem is that in its current state the industrial estate is hindering the development of construction projects. If we had the opportunity to redevelop either part or all of the territory, we would have fast paced development of the district”. This area’s historically dominant use for industry and transportation had led to the deficit of social infrastructure, which is so important for residential districts. This means that the developer needs to invest a lot of time and energy into creating comfortable living conditions.


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"Delovoi Peterburg", № 166, 09/10/2014, p. 14(02)

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