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Valley of new buildings


Vyborgskiy district the northern area near the metro station “Parnas” is being constructed especially intensively, the builders being motivated by a large project of Company “Glavstroy SPb” – RC (residential complex) “Severnaya Dolina”.  

In Vyborgskiy district the northern area near the underground station “Parnas” is being constructed especially intensively, the builders being inspired by a large project of Company “Glavstroy SPb” – RC “Severnaya Dolina”.  Compared with other Petersburg districts, Vyborgskiy district is not integrated: the area of Vyborgskaya embankment and  that of Parnas are significantly far from each other and moreover, they are not connected by transport infrastructure. As a result, the construction approaches differ from each other. In 2014, Vyborgskiy district took fourth place in terms of the volume of commissioned housing, marginally behind Pushkinskiy district. In general, 347,8 th.m2 have been commissioned, this amount being by 75 % more than in 2013.  

Will not be less   

Developers have promised to complete the construction of approximately 500 th.m2 on district territory in 2015. Particularly, they are planning to put into commission RC “Dom na Vyborgskoy” (CC (constructing company) “Elba”), RC “Bumerang” (Trust 36), next buildings of RC “Severnaya Dolina” (“Glavstroy-SPb”), the first stage of RC “Listvennyi” (Stroitelnyi trust”), the first stage of RC “Tri Apelsina” (Normann) and others. Also, Company "L1" has announced the near completion of the first stage of the unfinished building “London Park”. As consulting centre (CC) “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” estimates, in 2015 not less than 350 th.m2 of housing in Vyborgskiy district will be due for completion, this amount being equal to that in 2014.  

By the beginning of February the market volume of housing under construction in Vyborgskiy district was 925 th. m2, or 16,3% of the primary market in city residential areas.  The general area of residential complexes under construction comprises about 1,5 mln m2 or almost 20 % of all new buildings in St.Petersburg.   In all, apartments are being sold in 18 residential complexes. As project Manager of CC “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” Evgenia Litvinova notes, presently the  housing that is 80-90 % finished comprises 37 % of the district market. But the proportion of housing at the initial stage of construction is also high (readiness is less than 10 %). 


Of all projects being constructed on district territory, the largest is the economy class project of complex development “Severnaya Dolina” by Company “Glavstroy-SPb” near the underground station “Parnas”. At the moment, in “Severnaya Dolina” more than 400 th. m2 of housing are being constructed, and are presently at the 7th, 8th or 9th construction stage.  “At the moment about 250 th.m2 are on sale, - analytical centre Manager of “Glavstroy-SPb" Petr Buslov states, - that is the amount which can be “digested” by the demand in this very place".

Experts note that the territory near the underground station “Parnas” is the territory being developed the most intensively. Besides “Glavstroy-SPb”, about 10 developers are working here all, at different stages of completion.  Among them there is CC (construction complex) “Patriot” (RC “Parcola”), CC “Dalpiterstroy” (RC “Pargolovo”), CC “Gruppa Praim” (RC “Novaya Scandinavia”). The new project being expected is the purchase launching in RC by CC “Pragma” under the working title “V Pargolovo”, where the first stage already has permission to proceed with construction. 

Prices fall northwards

The large area of the district and it’s length – from the Petrogradskaya side to the ring road – has determined the different characteristics of development Head of Sales and Acquisition Department  of  Surveyor International Group Maxim Ignatovich states that in the historical part of the district in the vicinity of underground stations “Lesnaya” and “Vyborgskaya” the separate residential complexes of “comfort+” class at prices over 110 th.roubles  per  square metre are being constructed while in the “epicenter” of the mass residential development near the underground station “Parnas” residential complexes of economy  class at prices over 80 th.roubles for 1 m2 are being constructed.

As Director of the purchasing department of CG (companies group) “Lider Group” Vitaliy Vinogradov notes, each new project becomes very popular among purchasers since Vyborgskiy district can’t boast of a great variety of offers in the field of living accommodation.  

According to the Head of marketing investigation department of CG “Pioner” (the “Saint-Petersburg” direction) Svetlana Lezhneva, from the beginning of January 2014  the average price for a square meter in the district hardly changed and now amounts to 83-84 th.roubles for 1 m2 thanks to launching new market projects and housing of economy class for lower initial prices.   The range of accommodation cost depends on the total area and varies from 68 th.roubles for 1 m2 for two-bedroom apartments to 150 th.roubles for 1 m2 in studio apartments. 

New territories

"The main territory designed for residential building has been reserved for Pargolovo, the northern part of Vyborgskiy district. Also the large projects may appear as a result of redevelopment of former industrial territories, only infill development being possible in other places", — Evgenia Litvinova states.So, in the medium term the launching of RC purchases is expected at the site of former bakery plant  “Palyanitsa”, where Company “S.E.R.” is planning to construct approximately 18 th.m2 of residential housing. The development of former confectionery factory “Azart” is expected as well as that of the former mechanical plant named after Karl Marx, another plot from which will be auctioned in April, 2015.

In the words of Maxim Ignatovich, large development perspectives are waiting for the territory bordering upon the road to Kamenka at the crossing with Parashyutnaya street. Opposite this territory, the intense construction is being brought about on the territories related to Primorskiy district: the industrial zone Novoorlovskaya is being constructed, all engineering infrastructure of which has been created by the city from nothing. Then comes the residential accommodation bordering Parashyutnaya st. (this large project is being implemented by CC YIT). But at the moment the given territories represent the forest park quite likely to be preserved by the city administration.   

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"Delovoi Peterburg", № 035, 11/03/2015, с 16(08)

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