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New Nevsky


In the area around Kollontay St. and DalnevostochnyProspeсt, new housing and residential developments have sprung up in the last 5 years and now the last few building are in their final stage.

The construction of most of the housing and buildings on Kollontay St. and Dalnevostochny Prospect is almost complete. In the past few years, almost 700,000 sq.m. of housing has been built in this part of the Nevsky District. It is all intended for the mass-market segment.

Meters in housing complexes

In recent years, this area has seen the construction of several large residential housing developments.
The bulk of the construction was carried out from 2008-2013 in the sector that runs from the eastern side, from the existing Soyuzny Prospekt (from Kollontay St. to BolshayaYablonovka). Eight SK 'Temp' housing developments were built here: the development on Badaeva / Kollontay (154.5 thousand sq. m. of housing), the development at Badaeva 14 (51,000 sq. m) and the Vostokdevelopment ) 40,000 sq. m., by the company LSR.,Real Estate - North-West .
This year, construction in the sector that runs from the south side, from Kollontay St. reached completion. The company LSR Real Estate – North West built the Avrora (130.3 thousand sq. m.), and the Avrora-2 (121.6 thousand sq. m.) housing developments, with over 2.5 thousand flats.

State-funded housing

The bulk of the construction is now underway in the 16 SUN quarter, which runs west of the existing Soyuzny Prospekt.
"12 developments are to be built here, along with associated infrastructure: two schools, two kindergartens and four multi-storey parking facilities.
A particular feature of this area is that eight of the 12 developments (approx. 110,000 sq. m.) are being built using federal budget funds and are intended for people already on the housing waiting list", said the Executive Director of Surveyor International Group Arsen Kelemenyan.
As far as commercial projects are concerned, the ten-sectioned 'Rio' housing development by the company Setl City (55.7 thousand sq. m) is in it’s final stage. The development will be comfort class.

The last flats

Being positioned on the site of the former CHPP-2 ash disposal dump and at a busy highways junction, close to an old industrial site and not far from state-funded social housing, could, in theory, reduce a development's attractiveness and potential.
However, despite the factors referred to above, apartments in the Rio housing development have more or less all been snapped up; the cost per square metre starts at RUR 125,000 for a one-roomed apartment and goes up to RUR 140,000 per square metre for a studio-flat. In general, talking about the average price for a development is quite complex as there are still promotions in residential blocks which are already in use, or which are currently undergoing the final stages of construction, commented experts from the company LSR Real Estate – North West. Prices range from RUR 90,000 to 110,000 per square metre. In the already completed Avrora-2 development, in particular, the cost per square metre is RUR 89–100 thousand.
"On the whole, this is a typical Petersburg suburb and apartments here are very popular with buyers", said Vladimir Skigin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the management company Satellit Development.
Skigin maintains that this area is popular with developers as it is one of the few undeveloped areas within the boundaries of the city that is served by a utilities infrastructure, remaining from the former industrial site.

Pigment spots

The fast pace of construction in recent years has resulted in the fact that the possibility of any vacant land in this area has all put now disappeared.
According to Evgeniya Litvinova, project director at Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost, a new residential complex where Eremeeva St. and Dalnevostochny Propect meet, is planned for the near future.
In June 2014, the Moscow-based company Spell LLC, won the tender to build a 15 storey housing block with an area of 10.3 thousand sq. m., to meet the needs of St Petersburg; in August, the company was awarded building permission.
Immediate prospects for the development of this district concern building along the Oktyabrskaya Embankment, from the 34th to the 44th block. LSR Real Estate – North West in particular plans to build a residential development at 40-42 on the Oktyabrskaya Embankment, on the former industrial sites of Aerok Saint Petersburg and the Barrikad Concrete Plant. The total area of the residential complex here will total over 700,000 sq. m. The start of construction is scheduled for 2015.

"An area of land for housing construction remained on the site of the Pigment paint factory said Arsen Kelemenyan . Now it is an industrial zone, where redevelopment is planned in accordance with the city's general layout plan, which is also to include social and administrative development. Due to the provisional permitted use of housing in a public and business area, only 50% of the land may be assigned for residential housing ".

In addition, a major challenge for the development of this site is the low quality of the surrounding industrial development and the need to remove the current railway track. The prospect of housing construction in this area, therefore, seems remote and would be hard to actually complete.
According to Evgeniya Litvinova, some residential blocks may yet be built in the nearby the social housing complex that is already under construction. The date for construction tenders, however, has not yet been set.

Trade is edging forward

This area's industrial past is it’s main distinguishing feature yet also one of it’s disadvantages. The housing complexes built nearby are either near or directly on former industrial sites (the CHPP-2 ash disposal dump). Almost all the sites require reclamation work before construction can begin, significantly increasing project cost.
As far as transport access is concerned, the metro stations Prospect Bolshevikov, Novocherkasskaya, Ladozhskaya, and Ulitsa Dybenko are located relatively nearby, there is direct access to the major highways which lead to the city centre and there is also nearby access to Petersburg's Ring Road, providing a rapid link to the city centre.
On the other hand, Vladimir Skigin has commented on the heavy traffic on Dalnevostochny Prospect – a key major road, linking the city's suburbs with the city centre.
Work has been underway since 2013 on the design and layout of Soyuzny Prospect, which should, in part, resolve the transport infratsructure issues in this new housing development district. Soyuzny Prospect received its name back in 1979, but even today there is really only the land around Bolshaya Yablonovka St.
The construction underway on Kollontay Str. and reaching up to the Neva may yet further enhance the area's potential, linking it with Bolshoy Smolenskiy Prospect on the left-side embankment via a new bridge. The prospect of implementing this project, however, are still some way off.

"The most pressing issue in these areas is the development of a social infrastructure, said Arsen Kelemenyan, The construction of this is not keeping pace with the commissioning of large-scale housing complexes and people moving into them; the social infrastructure that currently exists in this area is not intended to accommodate many new residents ".

Commerce is the most developed in this area. As noted by LSR Real Estate – North West, the commercial infrastructure is ahead of the residential and is ultimately anticipated by new residents to the area – today they are the main consumers in the many shops located in the district.
Hyper and supermarkets are located here, namely, Lenta, OK, Carousel, Castorama, Fresh, Pyaterochka, Magnit, Diksi as well as the MEBELWOOD shopping complex.
In November 2013, the London Mall shopping centre (formerly the Felichita Centre) opened after a period of reconstruction; Leroy Merlin, the DIY-megastore is based here.


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Feature pages of ‘Delovoi Peterburg’, supplement ‘Where to live’, № 146, 11/09/2014, с 18(08)

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