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Riverside areas redevelopment


The tenant builders` activity in Nevskii district is constantly moving from the right to the left bank and back, depending on availability of vacant territories and speed of project coordination. 

Nevskii district in terms of housing construction volume has ranked among leaders for several years, being second only to Pushkinckii district. Indeed, in 2013 –  404,4 thousand m2, for 3 quarters of 2014 — 266,2 thousand m2 were put in to commission here.

Now, 10 residential estates with an overall area of near 750 thousand m2 are being built here. According to the project supervisor of the Consulting Centre "Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost " Evgeniya Litvinova, at the end of November the Nevskii district market volume was estimated at 459,9 thousand m2 (more than 9,5 thousand flats). Sales are in progress now in nine residential estates (without reference to the queues), all of them belong to the mass-market class. All classes of residence supply in Nevskii district at the end of the III quarter of 2014 was 135 thousand m2, which is 4,8% of overall residence supply volume in St. Petersburg.

Left bank, right bank

Construction performance on the right and left banks of the Neva River is miscellaneous. "Main developers` activity used to be concentrated on the right bank of the Neva River  near the underground station "Prospect Bolshevikov", — says  the director of the department of marketing  of ZAO "Centralnoye upravlenie nedvizhimosti LenSpetsSMU" (part of the state concern"Etalon") Maria Tsvetkova. — Now the main volume of construction process is being run on the left bank of the Neva River — predominantly near the underground stations "Proletarskaya" and "Rybatskoe".

According to the director of UK Docklands Svetlana Petrova, the left bank was always less convenient and less popular among developers and customers. There are several reasons: first of all, the district in fact is located between the Neva River and the railway line, which makes it in convenient in the matter of transport. The second reason is that the district is traditionally industrial with a large number of enterprises which are not ecologically friendly.

"Now practically all the construction process of the left bank area has been concentrated on the right bank of the Neva River – ecological situation here is better and the landscape is more comfortable.", — observes Svetlana Petrova. Now on the left bank construction is performed by the companies Setl City (residential estate "Alyie Parusa" — 149,9 th m2), "Severnyi Gorod" (residential estate Green City — 83,4 th m2), IPS (residential estate "Nevskaya Zvezda" — 82,1 th m2), "Megalit" ("Dom– Megalit na Neve" — 50,7 th m2), and also LenSpetsSMU (residential estate "Rechnoi" — 82,3 th m2, residential estate "Molodiozhnyi" — 76,6 th m2). The only large project on the right bank now being realized is also by LenSpetsSMU — it is the residential estate "Lastochkino Gnezdo" near the cable bridge. Overall area of all 12 projects within the integrated development project is the approximately 250 th m2. According to the company`s estimates, approximately half of supply around the Nevskii district consists solely of the projects of the LenSpetsSMU. The bulk of projects on this bank are already being exploited. For instance, in the 2014 "LSR. Nedvizhimost — Severo–Zapad" put in to commission the residential estate "Avrora–2" with 5355 flats, and Setl City — residential estate"Rio" with 1584 flats.

Mass-market  terrirory

Now, in the Nevskii district only mass-market class plots are on offer. 

"Realization of projects of higher classes is limited with the peculiarities of the district: industrial specialization, remoteness of the south part of it both from the city centre and from the underground stations, unfavorable social surrounding of several territories, problem atic ecological situation", — comments the general director of Surveyor International Group (SIG) Arsen Kelemenian.

"Herewith, location along the banks of the Neva River and in proximity to the underground stations, and also well-developed infrastructure allows positioning the projects as comfort class", — notices the commercial manager of "LSP. Nedvizhimost — Severo–Zapad " Denis Babakov. Price is assessed according to the class of a residence. According to the estimates of the "Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost", for 1st November the 2014 average price of a square metre in the Nevskii district was 90,5 th roubles.

According to SIG, price spectrum on the primary market in the Nevskii district starts at 65 th for 1 m2 in a four-room flat. On average a metre costs 75–80 th roubles in an economy class residential estate and 90–100 th roubles in a comfort class one. The most expensive flats are offered by the Setl City in the residential estate "Rio", where a square metre costs on average 110 th roubles"Price change of real estate plots in the district is slightly behind the citywide dynamics, — says Arsen Klemenian, — for the a year the price of a square metre went up only 4%, which is 3% lower than the citywide level". What is more, mainly the price boost was connected with the facilities completion deadline approach. 

The perspective of the Nevskii district

The most valuable land resources of the Nevskii district is the onshore. But few locations for building on either the right or left banks are available. "The only way out is the redevelopment of industrial territories which is being actively carried out between Dalnevostochnyi prospect and Oktyabrskaia embankment", — considers executive director of the ZAO "Oykumena" Roman Miroshnikov.

Denis Babakov reckons that along the Oktyabrskaia embankment there are declared projects with an overall area of approximately 2 mln m2. One of them with an overall area of 750 th m2 — will be realized by "LSP. Nedvizhimost — Severo–Zapad ". However, in November, the city executive board didn`t approve the area planning design of a future residential estate because of a conflict between the developer and the nearby chemical producer OAO "Reaktiv". Construction was already planned for 2015 but now probably, it will be postponed until the settlement of the dispute.

Also the company “BFA-Development” is planning to build a residential estate on the embankment at the place of factories "Bumagа" and "Nevskaia manufactura". Recently the project ‘Prinevskii’startup with an overall area of 310 th m2 was declared by the "CDS"group. Thise lot was repurchased by a company from the sovkhoz "Prinevskoie" in 2012. On the right bank there are also more territories which belong to the city and which will soon be put up for sale. In such a way, according to the assistant general manager of the ОАО "Fond imushestva Sankt Peterburga" Evgenii Ryazantsev, in January, 2015, tenders will be held for two plots: in Badaeva street and Dalnevostochnyi prospect. Summarily on both plots it will be possible to build approximately 110 th m2 of residential area. Now on the left bank most of the estates being constructed gravitate toward Obukhovskoi oborony prospect and are concentrated on the plot between "Proletarskaya" underground station and  "Kurakina dacha" park.

But the biggest potential for the housing development in short- and midterm, according to Arsen Kelemenian, belongs to the Ust-Slavyanka district. There is already being prepared a site for the  company`s “RosStroyInvest” large-scale project — two skyscrapers "Piotr Velikii" and "Ekaterina Velikaya" with an overall housing area of up to 60 th m2.  

Also in 2015 there must be started the company`s “SPb Renovatsyia” project in the settlement of Ust-Slavyansk. On the 31,3 ha territory a 1,2 mln m2 of housing area and also of the necessary infrastructure is planned to be constructed. Thus, the Nevskii district stays one of the leaders according to the volume of housing area being built.


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"Delovoi Peterburg", № 210, 12/11/2014, p. 12(02)

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