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Northward movement


Practically having built up the territory near "Ozerki" underground station, the developers moved to Pargolovo district, where economy class residential estates are being constructed. In Ozerki comfort class residences and low rise projects are being constructed. 

New buildings of Vyborgskyi district located from Ozerki to Parnas are rather  miscellaneous according to their content: there are economy class blocks near "Parnas" underground station or in Pargolovo, and high end cottages in Ozerki, and middle-market projects.

Riverside areas

Large-scale housing construction in the Ozerki district was in progress at the beginning of the 2000-s and was completed a couple of years ago.  In 2014 there were few residential estates built. One of them — residential estate "Lunacharskogo, 40" from corporate group "CDS" is as of this moment been put in to commission.

Thus, only one multi-storeyed estate is now being built - residential estate"Listvennyi". According to the chief sales officer of "Stroitelnyi trest" Sergey Stepanov, the projects is being built using brick house-building technology and belongs to the comfort class segment. The overall development area will be 75 th m2. 

Directly on the banks of the lakes of Suzdal is being built a high end multi-storied  low-rise block "Shaliapin" from the company "Aksioma", and also high end multi-storied   estate "Novaya Scandinaviya" from the "Praim" group. At the latter the 19th bulk has recently been put in to commission and now construction of three more bulks is being managed, one more house will have been started by the end of the year.

Low rise projects, cottages and townhouses in this location are rather popular— it is one of the few low rise zones with good vehicle access in a prestigious district of the city. But many projects here are rather questionable relative to the legitimacy of their appearance. For instance, there exists illegal developments on the territories dedicated for private housing construction. "In the context of the position of the municipal government and judges related to this question there now exists a serious risk not only of failing to get residential ownership of such houses but of ending up without a flat at all: illegal buildings it is promised are to be pulled down", — says Olga Trosheva head of the consulting centre "Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost". Demand for the low rise projects on the primary market here is restrained furthermore by the price — a townhouse may cost 30–50 mln roubles.

Open spaces of Pargolovo

Compared to Ozerki in the Pargolovo district the construction process is more active. According to the consulting centre "Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost", the market volume in the Pargolovo settlement district at the end of November 2014 was 616,4 th m2 (more than 13 th flats). Sales are run in eight residential estates (without reference to the queues), all of them belong to the economy class mass-market segment. The main developers are "Glavstroy – SPb " (residential estate"Severnaya dolina" — 2,6 mln m2), О2 Development (residential estate"Moya Stikhiya" — 50,4 th m2), "Normann" (residential estate"Na Zarechnoy" — 61,1 th m2, "Tri apelsina" — 38,3 th m2).

In the part of Pargolovo which is situated westward from the cognominal railway station, housing construction is run by the "Dalpiterstroy". There, according to Olga Frolova, the lead analyst of the Surveyor International Group, is being built an economy class residential estate, consisting of 12 buildings, some of which will be commercial blocks of flats of bearing-wall construction. Overall development area will be 230 th m2. 

Towards economy

"Now in the Pargolovo location all the new buildings belong to economy class, near “Ozerki” underground station comfort class residences are traditionally constructed  and near the lakes of Suzdal — business-class", - Olga Trosheva.

Residential estate "Parnas Park" from Astra Development Group stands apart, it was planned to be constructed north-west from "Severnaya dolina" in the existing individual development area. According to Olga Frolova, the project presupposed construction of business class five-storied houses, but because of developer`s problems the construction process hasn`t been started yet. 

"In total supply volume in this district grows the economy class rate, — notices Sergey Stepanov, — primarily growing are the number of  small flats and studios — nowadays this type of residence is  especially popular among the private investors ".But in the company it is considered that residential estates with unattractive apartment layouts never will be demanded by those who are searching for a full-time residence, that is why investors will have to compete with each other and with new developers, by lowering prices.According to Knight Frank St. Petersburg, following the results of the III quarter of  2014, average price in location Pargolovo - Ozerki was  98,5 th roubles for m2, herewith from the beginning of the year price growth  in this area was approximately 5%.In the consulting centre "Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost" they specify that at the end of November, the average price of 1 m2 in the Pargolovo settlement district in the economy class segment was 75,3 th roubles, and comfort-class residences near the "Ozerki" underground station cost an average 116,2 th roubles for one square metre.

In the open field

Near Ozerki there are almost no development plots left. Only one of the declared large project is a multifunctional estate – Ingria Tower from the company "S. E. R." – where apartments are presupposed to be incorporated. Project start is planned for the I quarter of 2015. "Height of the building will be 165 metres, the height of Poklonnaya mountain itself is 40 meters more", says the executive director of  state concern "S. E. R.", Pavel Berezhnoy. Besides the apartments they are planning to locate offices and a mall in the estate building. He names territory of the former plant “Svetlana” recreation centre as another prospective plot near “Ozerki”, but this plot is in the planning stage long ago, and no one knows when it will be realized. There are small number of lots in the historical district of Shuvalovo which is also situated off the underground. Pargolovo district is more promising from the point of view of housing development – there is a lot of free territory here. The main volume of the declared projects is situated at the north of the Vyborgskii district near "Parnas" underground station. On the territory, where residential estate "Severnaya dolina" of the "Glavstroy–SPb" company is being actively constructed, there will be developed 1,34 mln m2 of residences. A residential estate from the company "Pragmа" near "Parnas" underground station is not yet built but is already in it’s planning stage a Also a small plot to the north border of the residential estate "Severnaya dolina", which is now a kind of semi-neglected land area.Also according to Olga Trosheva, in Pargolovo there are a number of construction projects of different companies, which are in their stage of documentation preparation. Earlier this plots belonging to the company “L1”. 

Olga Frolova names west part of Pargolovo, located between the Severnoye cemetery and railway line, as a territorial reserve. Here the general plan of town development presupposes multi-dwelling unit construction on the place of the former vegetable gardens.Truth be told, the western part of Pargolovo now loses out in the context of attractiveness to the other city districts. The reasons included a poor are very hard transport situation as well as the also negative influence of solid domestic waste landfill and sewage disposal plants. 

According to Polina Yakovleva, the Becar real estate department director, large plots located before KAD on both side a Vyborgskoye highroad are also empty.The important peculiarity of construction in Pargolovo is that in fact these are projects in the open space. Thus the developer needs not only to construct the buildings and provide surrounding building grounds improvement, but also build social infrastructure, create a comfortable environment not only inside the blocks but also beyond their limits. In several cases the developer has to provide the road infrastructure on his own in order to connect the houses with the transport networks.

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"Delovoi Peterburg", № 210, 12/11/2014, p. 16(06)

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