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Metropolis buildings


Moskovskiy district has always induced developers to construct residential areas of business and comfort class. However, the further development will be most likely to deal with outlying districts where the more economical living accommodations are planned to be constructed.  

On the results of 2014, Moscovskiy district has put into service about 10 % of Petersburg total living accommodation. In whole, the district has put into service 299,3 th. m2 of housing, or almost 5 th. apartments. These are such residential complexes as “Galant” and “Letniy” of GС “Etalon”, RC “Imperial” of “L1” and the second line of RC “Triumph Park” of Mirland Development Corporation.

General Construction 

On the result at the end of January, according to the data of CC “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost”, 11,7 th. apartments in 17 residential complexes with total area in 681 th.m2 are on sale in Moscovskiy district.  

"Due to the high demand for apartments  and their relatively high cost, all major developers have got the projects in Moscovskiy district in the portfolio”, - tells Head of sale and purchase department of Surveyor International Group Maxim Ignatovich. 

Among them there are Mirland Development Corporation (RC "Triumph Park"), GC "Etalon" (RC "Moskovskie vorota"), "LSR. Nedvizhimost — Severo Zapad" (RC Viva, "Quartet"), "Silovye mashiny - Development" (RC "Moskovskiy kvartal"), SCC (RC "Pulkovskiy–3"), "Group Leader" (RC "Sirius", "Nebo Moskvy"), "L1" ("Graf Orlov", "Zvyozdnyi") and others.Large project of GC “Etalon” has been announced, it is expected to be located in two districts – those of Moskovskiy and Admiralteiskiy. Today, the total planned area of RC “Galaktika” is 750 th. m2. According to Company data, the start of construction is expected in 2016.Among the residential complexes being constructed three belong to the business-class (7% of total construction area), others representing the accommodation of mass-market class, as Head of the project of CC “Peterburgskaya Nedvizshimost” Evgenia Litvinova states. Experts noted that Moskovskiy district has been traditionally regarded as a prestigious one, that is why it is logicical to construct comfort+ and business class buildings here. One of the recent projects of this segment created by LEGENDA Intelligent Development is the house in Stalinist empire style at Pobeda square.

Nevertheless, today new projects which may be referred to as economy class appear with regularity in the district of metro station “Zvyozdnaya” and Moskovskoe shosse, as Maxim Ignatovich notes. 

The first place among sleeping residential areas

At the beginning of January, 2015,  the average cost of one square metre of the mass-market class amounted to 109,4 th.roubles, while for the period of 2014 the living accommodation of this segment rose by 12%.At the beginning of 2015, the average price of the business class amounted to 128,5 th. roubles for 1 m2. Last year, in Moskovskiy district, the average price of this segment apartments dropped by 6,8%, that can be explained by insignificant sampling as well as the circumstance that the object with a lower starting price was put on the market. According to the words of Evgenia Litvinova,  in both segments the district takes the first place for the average price of square metre among sleeping districts with the exception of Petrogradskiy, Centralnyi, Vasileostrovskiy and Admiralteiskiy ones. "Last year, in Moskovskiy district, the cost of a square metre has increased two times faster, than it has on average in Petersburg”, — as general Director of Company “Gradostroitelnye resheniya” Olga Morozova notes.  

At the place of factories"

In Moskovskiy district, the main living accommodation had been constructed long ago, that is why here we realize mostly the projects on redevelopment of land plots that were not intended for residential construction” – Maxim Ignatovich tells.    

Thus, at the territory of factory  "Vagonmash", Group  "Etalon" is constructing RC “Moskovskie vorota". In October, 2014, Company "Silovye mashiny — Development" got the permission to bring into service the first line of RC “Moskovskiy kvartal” on the ground area where administrative buildings, electrical apparatus section and auxiliary rooms of factory “Electrosila” had been formerly located. It is expected that this year the territory of the former factory “Samson” at Moskovskoe shosse will be put on the residential construction market, though the trading had already been postponed several times in 2014.  At present, “Leader Group” has been constructing RC “Sirius” here. Since in the part of Moskovskiy district bordering the centre there is practically no ground area left, the builders will probably have to move southwards.In particular, these are areas where Pulkovskoe shosse and Volhonskoe shosse cross and nearby them, as Evgenia Litvinova tells. Here, in their times, such large projects as “Planetograd”, “Gorod tsvetov”, “Pulkovskie vysoty” had been announced.  

Green district

Moskovskiy district has a number of advantages which make the life here comfortable and prestigious, according to the opinions of participants and experts of the real estate market. In particular, in the words of commercial Director of “LSR. Nedvizhimost – Severo-Zapad”  Denis Babackov,  green area occupies 1,8 th. h. in the district. The main green district islands are Moskovskiy Pobeda park, Aviatory park, public garden at Gagarin avenue,  and Goroda-geroi park. Besides, there are many small public gardens in the district and the central district main line, Moskovskiy avenue is well planted with trees, and so are most of the yards, especially in the direction from the district centre to the South.  At first sight, the traffic situation in Moskovskiy district seems good, there being six metro stations.   However, new complexes are being constructed, but no new streets appear, so the loading is put mainly on Moskovskiy avenue where traffic congestion may occur, the increasing number of residents contributing to this. Traffic jam are rather common at the south of the district. So, transport interchange at the crossing of Pulkovskoe shosse and Dunaiskiy avenue which is planned to be constructed before the World Football Cup – 2018, will be quite appropriate.  

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