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Still further to the fields


The district of metro station "Komendantskiy prospect" is so densely built up that nothing is left to the developers as to cope with vacant land up to the border of the ring highway.  

The district of lake Dolgoe has been intensely building up since the 1980’s,  what determined the character of construction: the buildings of late Soviet mass series (mainly, of the 137th one) predominate at the area around metro station “Komendantskiy prospect”.  That is why there are no vacant land plots left in the immediate vicinity of metro, the scale of constructing not being large in the given location.  Closest to metro is RC “Graffiti” being constructed by Company “Oicumena”. In all, 16 blocks will be built up, two of them have already been building up and are expected to be put into service this year.   

Broad avenues 

The land plots of perspective construction are concentrated mainly in the area of Parashutnaya street, near Novoorlovskiy forest park, in Kamenka. According to the words of Head of analytical centre “Glavstroy-SPb” Petr Buslov, the largest share belongs to two projects: “Novaya Kamenka” of CM-155 (at the moment, the share of the project is 41%) and “Yuntolovo” of “Glavstroy – SPb” (at the present, the share of the project is 27 %). The total area of the projects is planned to amount to 300 th.m2 and 2,2 mln. m2, respectively. Besides, Company Setl City (“Chistoe nebo”, the total area amounts about 1 mln  m2) , “LSR. Nedvizhimost – Severo-Zapad” (RC “Shuvalovskiy”, 450 th. m2), “UIT Sankt-Peterburg” (RC “Novoorlovskiy”, 400 th. m2) are constructing residential complexes."In practice, there are no vacant land plots left in this district as they are all bought. About 7 mln m2 of living accommodation is supposed to be constructed on the territories which are being intensely developed”, as Petr Buslov notes.  Besides, in the given location purchasers may buy apartments both in high and low buildings. 

Price and metres 

Traditionally, the apartments in Primorskiy district are demand leaders, the district of lake Dolgoe not being an exception. The stable high demand determines the price, especially if the object has been already put into service.  "The location of metro station “Komendantskiy prospect” is one of the most expensive ones among sleeping districts equally with the north of Vyborgskiy district, and the cost of 1 m2 in new buildings amounts 100 th. roub./ m2”, - specialist of marketing department of Surveyor International Group Natella Kukava comments.

In the houses being contructed further from metro the cost of 1 m2 amounted to about 70-80 th. roubles. At the moment, the price may increase at the background of the overall economic situation. 

Next to ring road and landfill 

To live in this district involves to have both pros and cons. On the one hand, the land plots of new construction neighbour the forest park and this is a weighty pro that contributes to the further development of that zone. Director of residential real estate department of NAI Becar Polina Yakovleva notes that the exits to the ring road and the Western high-speed diameter located in this district also contribute to its transport accessibility.  The implementation of the plans of municipal government on new roads construction and metropolitan new stations launching (2020-2025) is certain to excite the interest of developers to the given territory. In addition, there are many trading centres here, the Primorskiy district taking the third place in the city following Moskovskiy and Centralnyi districts by supplying the citizens with trading areas.   At the same time it is known as having a considerable deficit of kindergartens, this fact can’t make the tenants happy. Besides, to make transport and social infrastructure of large residential complexes will require much time. 

Land-to-building ratio 

Primorskiy district on the whole and the district of lake Dolgoe in particular are the city leaders in building factor: a high land-to-building ratio is characteristic for the district new buildings. In it’s turn, it results in a problem with parking.  Also, Natella Kukava notes the  sadly known landfill MSW “Novosyolki” as a deterrent. Waste processing factory of Greek Companies Consortium Helektor S. A. — Aktor Concession S. A. was to solve the landfill problem and the smell connected with it. In it’s time Group “VTB” joined the project. The project cost was estimated at 9 billion roubles. At present, the beginning of construction has been postponed due to the rouble devaluation.  

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"Delovoi Peterburg",  № 019, 13/02/2015, с 12(02)

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