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From the farm to the palace


Pushkinskiy district is quite clearly divided into two construction zones: directly in Pushkin expensive and comfort housing is being built, and along Moskovskoye Hw. in Shushary, Slavyanka and Lensovetovskoye economy class districts are growing.  

Pushkinskiy district is one of the leaders in residential construction in St. Petersburg. According to the Committee for Construction, in the first half of the year 145.8 thousand sq. m of housing was commissioned here, that allowed the district to take third place among other city districts. This is happening mainly due to the commissioning of blocks in Shushary, where active highly saturated residential development is taking place. ‘During the last 2 years the supply volume of all classes in the primary market of Pushkinskiy district exceeded the total supply volume of Kolpinskiy, Kurortniy and Petrodvortsoviy districts taken together,’ Kristina Solovyova, analyst of “Surveyor International Group”, says. 

Two poles

Construction in Pushkinskiy district has two centres which differ in the development character and also by housing classes and, as a consequence, by their cost.
The first centre is the town Pushkin by itself. In the historic centre of Pushkin during the last 10–15 years high class housing was developed, albeit at a low pace: one–two residential complexes per year. 
‘The peculiarity of development in Pushkin is low-rise construction limited to five floors,’ Polina Yakovleva, Director of the “NAI Becar” Residential Department, says. The advantage is proximity to Alexandrovskiy and Ekateriniskiy Parks.

According to Maxim Ignatovich, due to urban planning and administrative constraints during the last several years really high-quality housing with all necessary infrastructures was built in Pushkin. Therefore, the product appears expensive, even by standards of the St. Petersburg central districts. It is also explained by the individuality of such projects among developers and the absence of easy to develop land plots. That’s why costs for developers are often unpredictable until the end of construction.

‘Special features of residential construction in Pushkin predetermine strong demand from clients,’ notes Vadim Lavrov, Head of the Marketing Analysis Department in “YIT Sankt-Peterburg”, ‘although, it all depends on the quality of the project, of course’.
Herewith, according to Polina Yakovleva, directly in Pushkin there are no free land plots for development, that’s why construction companies are developing areas closer to Pavlovsk.

Along the highway

While moving to the north, towards Shushary, the average area of flats is declining, and the height of housing is increasing.
9-storey housing, relatively low saturation of housing, sufficient number of parking lots and objects of social infrastructure are all characteristic of the Slavyanka area.
And for Lensovetovskiy and Shushary large-scale residential construction is characteristic. As a result, there are less green areas, and development of social infrastructure lags behind residential construction.

Many complexes

At the present moment around 20 residential complexes at different construction stages are located in Pushkinskiy district.
The major developer of Pushkinskiy district in the last few years is the “Dalpiterstroy” company, which is also developing the major part of residential housing in Shushary and also several objects in Lensovetovskiy. The company is going to construct 12 more blocks in Shushary, four of which are planned for commissioning in 2015, all the rest — in 2016–2018. 
Another important developer is the “Slavyanskiy” (“Baltros”) company. Since 2009 it has been developing Slavyanka microdistrict on 220 hectares of land purchased from the “Detskosel’skiy” state owned farm. Such developers as “Kombinat stroitelnykh metalloizdeliy” (RC “Dom khoroshikh kvartir”) and “Peterburgskaya stroitelmaya kompaniya” (RC “Slavyanka 128”) are also constructing here.
Several blocks are being constructed by “Lider Group” company: they are RC “Bosfor” in Shushary and RC “Tsarskiy dvor” in Pulkovskoye.
Comfort-class residential complex “INKERI” should be mentioned among large-scale projects in Pushkin. “YIT Sankt-Peterburg” company is going to develop more than 130 thousand sq. m of housing (around 3 thousand flats) in the land plot with a total area of 15.6 hectares.
Price of 1 sq. m in the mass-market is 70–85 thousand Roubles as average. For residential complexes of a higher class prices start from 110–120 thousand Roubles per 1 sq. m.

The road to the south

Now Pushkinskiy district is quite sparsely populated for St. Petersburg. If in the north the city has no space, and new residential complexes are being constructed on border areas of Leningradskaya region, here still are boundless fields.
This fact is making the district one of the most promising for development. Here, for example, the “Start Development” company is preparing for construction of “Yuzhniy” satellite town on 2 thousand hectares of land. A good foundation for the future is plenty of former farmland along Moskovskoye Hw. from Kolpino to Yam-Izhora. But because of infrastructure problems, construction will not start in the nearest future.
According to the Master plan, territory in Pulkovskoye microdistrict close to “Expoforum” (the territory of complex development “Na Tsarskosel’skih Kholmah”) will be used for multifamily residential development. Also lands in the southern part of Pushkin (Gummolosary) and to the east from Udalovskaya St. are reserved for residential construction. Free land plots are also located to the west from Slavyanka in the Rubezhnaya road area.
It may be assumed that land plots located to the west from Starorusskiy Pr. will be used for residential construction after the development of Shushary.


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