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Prestigious suburbs


Good transport accessibility and a large number of shops facilitates active residential construction in the area of Dunaisky Pr. and Pulkovskoye Hw.   

Development of this microdistrict has been going actively during the last several years. According to “Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost” Consulting Centre, as of 1st August 2015, the market volume of the southern part of Moskovskiy district amounted to 304.6 thousand sq. m., of which, around 91 thousand sq. m was on sale. 
Here flats are offered for sale in five residential complexes of mass market class, the biggest of which is RC “Triumph Park” developed by “Mirland Development Corporation”. Apartments in apart-hotel “Salut!” are also on sale.

Waiting for residents

In the H1 2015 on the Pulkovskoye Hw. and Dunaiskiy Pr. area “LSR.Nedvizhimost Severo-Zapad” company put into operation the 2nd phase of “VIVA” residential complex. By the end of the year the company plans the commissioning of two more blocks of RC “Quartet”. According to Galina Chesayeva, Head of the Marketing Department of “LSR.Nedvizhimost Severo-Zapad” company, flats in these blocks are already sold.

The 3rd phase of the apart-complex “Salut!” and RC “Dom u metro Zvezdnaya” developed by “L1” company are also planned to be put into operation by the end of the year. As the Head of a “Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost” project Evgenia Litvinova notes, the last of these objects is known to be a problem object and is under surveillance by the Committee for Construction. 

A large-scale construction programme is being realized in this area by the “CDS” group of companies. According to the Head of the Sales Department of GC “CDS” Dmitry Sidorenko, the company is selling around 2 thousand flats in total in this area. RC “Pulkovskiy” is already commissioned; accordingly almost all flats there are already sold. RC “Pulkovskiy-2” at the present moment is passing the state expertise and was being prepared for commissioning in August 2015. The planned date of commissioning of RC “Pulkovskiy-3” is Q1 2016. ‘Herewith, even now around 85% of flats in these new residential complexes are already sold,’ Dmitry Sidorenko notes.

Economical comfort

“Due to the fact that construction here started to develop not so long ago, quite understandably developers positioned their projects as economy class”, Maxim Ignatovich, Head of the Sales and Purchasing Department of “Surveyor International Group”, says. However, recently projects of comfort class also started to appear. This division is quite relative, and experts prefer to combine them with the mass-market.

According to Galina Chesaeva, several locations are also ideal for the development of business class residential complexes; and in Autumn “LSR.Nedvizhimost Severo-Zapad” company planned to start such projects on Moskovskoe Hw.
And now, according to Evgenia Litvinova, a studio flat in this location may be purchased at a price starting from 2.3 million Roubles, one-room flat – from 3 million Roubles, two-room flat – from 4.6 million Roubles, three-room flat – from 6.5 million Roubles by means of a one-time payment. In the apart-hotel “Salut!” prices are the lowest, according to Evgenia Litvinova.
Average prices in the area are gradually increasing. So, according to “LSR.Nedvizhimost Severo-Zapad”, from January to July 2015 prices by means of a one-time payment increased by 2.2%. For comparison, in H1 2015 prices for mass-market housing in lived-in districts of St. Petersburg increased by 0.5–0.6% at average.

Maxim Ignatovich says that during the last 2–3 years prices in this location increased by 10–15%; and now individual flats are offered for as much as 130–150 thousand Roubles per 1 sq. m.

Retail in advance

Among the advantages of the area around Pulkovskoye Hw. and Dunaiskiy Pr. experts note good transport accessibility (it is quite close to the underground station and the Ring Road, and even the airport is near) and a large number of shops and shopping centres, which appeared almost before the housing. ‘In addition, the surrounding Moskovskiy district is not only a lived-in district, without serious infrastructure problems, but also a district having an elite image,’ Maxim Ignatovich notes.

That’s why it is of high demand among customers. So, according to Evgenia Litvinova, in the Q2 2015 Moskovsiy district amounted to 7% in the total volume of sold housing in lived-in districts (in sq. m), herewith in the southern part of the district more than 16 thousand sq. m was sold. 

“Samson” for sale

The major territorial reserve of the district is the territory of the former “Samson” factory. Here, according to Galina Chesaeva, around 15 hectares will be built up.
The process of its redevelopment has met with varied success during the last 10 years. At the present moment the first part of the territory (land plots along Moskovskoe Hw.) are prepared for construction and are being sold by Russian Auction House. The first residential complex which is already being built there is “Sirius” developed by “Lider Group”.

Maxim Ignatovich says that in the district there are already built up land plots, which may be converted for residential construction. For example, owners of auto showroom “Evro-motors” in Pulkovskoye Hw. put it up for sale for a possible residential construction.


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