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Industrial Zones Turning into Living Accommodation


 At present, new accommodation in the area of Rzhevka is not being constructed extensively.  In future, the town unit will be redeveloped at the expense of industrial land. In the vicinity, “Group LSR”  is planning to construct over 1 mln m2 of housing on the territory of airport Rzhevka which has not been  used for its direct purpose for a long time. 

For the moment, to determine the territorial borders of Rzhevka is rather difficult. On the one hand, there is a municipal district Rzhevka in Krasnogvardeisky district. On the other hand, another territory is also associated with this district: that of the former airport Rzhevka as it’s name itself indicates. Though it is situated in Vsevolozhsky region of Leningrad region, it has the chance to turn into an urban territory like district Kudrovo, Devyatkino and others, provided the large-scale constructing plans become real.  

"Rzhevka is a small municipal administrative division squeezed between a grey belt, the forest park of the same name, and Ring Automobile Road, — Head of Sales and Acquisition Department of  Surveyor International Group Maxim Ignatovich notes, — it was the presence of powerful industrial zones that prevented the construction of housing in the district for a long time".

New Housing 

Today, Krasnogvardeisky district  the 4th place in the ranking of mass housing construction in Petersburg district (5th place, taking into account the suburban zone).  At the end of quarter I, 2015, the total market of primary housing in the district amounted to 491 th.m2, and now 12 living complexes are on sale: 10 – of mass-market class, 2 – of business class.  "For the beginning of quarter II, 2015, 63,5 th.m2 of two residential complexes of mass-market class amounting to 14,4 %  of the total market of Krasnogvardeisky district primary housing are on sale in Rzhevka now  — General Director of LLC “TsRP”Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost” Oleg Pashin states — In 2015, new objects in Rzhevka have not been marketed so far".

At the moment, apartments in Residential Real Estate  “Niyu-Ton” of Company “Lenstroytrest” and in the first block of Residential Real Estate  Stereos of Company “SPb Renovatsia” are being marketed. On 1st April, 2015, the volume of the market supply amounted to 36,6 th. m2.As they told in “Lenstroytrest”, at the end of 2015, at the crossing of Lazo street and Irinovsky avenue, two 24-storey residential blocks for 528 apartments with general living area of 24 th.m2 will appear. For the given moment, 20 floors of 24 are ready. As they have noted in Company, though Residential Real Estate can’t be regarded as a project of complex territory development, it has been planned in such a way that it will allow its future residents to find every necessary thing near the house and lead a comfortable life. For example, towers of “Niyu-Ton” will be linked by a gallery where 11 commercial locations designed for shops, cafes, and offices will be situated.At the end of 2015, the first stage of a residential quarter Stereos being constructed near Rzhevsky forest park will be put into operation. At the moment, according to the data of the site of Company “SPb Renovatsia”, 17% of all the work here has been completed. The total area of the quarter building will amount to over 200 th.m2 of residential accommodation.  Besides other infrastructure, a school and a kindergarten designed for 220 children are planned to be constructed here.    

Of Different Classes 

Two objects on sale now in the area of Rzhevka are referred to by experts as being of different segments of mass-market class.  Correspondingly, the prices also differ. In Residential Real Estate  “Niyu-Ton” which belongs to comfort class the average price amounts to 109 th.roubles for 1 m2, and in Residential Real Estate  Stereos which belongs to the economy segment the price averages 62,1 th.roubles for 1 m2.  Minimum price in location Rzhevka (at 100% payment) amounts to 1,8 mln.roubles for a studio apartment, 2 mln.roubles for a one room apartment, the price for a one bedroom apartment starts from 2,8 mln. roubles, a two bedroom apartment – from 4,4 mln. roubles.As Oleg Pashin notes, on 1st April, the price for mass-market class in Krasnogvardeisky district averaged 85,6 th.roubles for 1 m2; the growth in average price of the district amounting to 20 % over the last 12 months.   
Prospective Land 
“Group LSR” realizes the largest project at the territory of airport Rzhevka. "Now we are preparing all planning documents, — Commercial Director of “LSR. Nedvizhimost-Severo-Zapad” Denis Babakov states, — we are planning to build here about 1,1 mln m2 of housing".In general, the developers regard Krasnogvardeisky district as a prospective  one for construction. Thus, they in “Lenstroytrest” have noted that there are spots for new construction as well as industrial zones to be transformed into residential and commercial housing.  
Particularly, Oleg Pashin points out that the project of redevelopment of lands belonging to Ohtinsky chemical plant and plant “Himvolokno” near river Ohta, the project belonging to the developer of Managing Company “Teorema”. This area is suitable for constructing about 600 th.m2 of housing. Also, the project of residential complex “Zhernovka” by Company “SK DM” is expected to be realized: the planning project of the territory was coordinated in Spring, 2014, the approval to construct the next block was obtained in November, 2014, the potential of this project comes to up about 55 th.m2.    

In the opinion of Maxim Ignatovich, the problem of Rzhevka is the lack of transport infrastructure, first of all – underground stations. The nearest station is “Ladozhskaya”, and new stations are not expected to appear before 2025.  The district has been developed by segments placed between industrial zones, so Rzhevka has only a pair of avenues which provide the way out and allow the connection with “great land”, and this is a significant problem. In April, they told that “Group LSR” and Managing Company “Lider” offered to Smolny a part of the tram infrastructure of the district  under concession management in order to finance it and improve the transport capacity of future newly-erected buildings.   


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