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It is like a Health Resort


 The main share of construction in Kurortny district is taken up by Sestroretsk. Here multi-storey complexes of the mass-market segment are being erected. What concerns elite apart-hotels, they prefer the neighborhood of water.  

The main share of construction in Kurortny district is taken up by Sestroretsk. Here multi-storey complexes of the mass-market segment are being erected. What concerns elite apart-hotels, they prefer the neighborhood of water.   
For the last two years, according to the data of the construction Committee, in Kurortny district  the following “squares” have been put into commission: 117 th.m2 of housing, of them 80 th.m2 – in 2013, and  37 th. m2 - in 2014. In quarter I, not a single object of the primary housing market was put into operation in Kurortny district.  

"Here building has always been restricted by the city authorities: builders have been given to understand that Kurortny district is a recreational zone exclusively ", — CEO of  Surveyor International Group Arsen Kelemenyan notes. Some objects are still constructed as recreational ones in the format of apart-hotels, but then they are sold as apartments.  

Both Small and Large 

By the beginning of May, 2015, 11 residential complexes had been on public sale, eight of them belonging to mass-market class, and three representing apartment-hotels of elite class. "Houses of mass demand are erected mainly in Sestroretsk and Zelenogorsk, - Head of project of Consulting Centre “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” Evgenia Litvinova states, - traditionally, elite objects are placed in prestigious locations near health resort zones of Zelenogorsk, Repino and others."Newly-erected objects are not numerous in the market. For example, in 2014, only 14,2 th. m2 of housing were put into operation, and Kurortny district is in last place among all city districts according to  this parameter – its share comprises 0,4 % of a new market supply in Petersburg.   According to the data of Consulting Centre “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost”,  at the beginning of quarter II, 2015,  in Kurortny district the primary housing market (without individual housing construction and townhouses) amounted to 149,8 th. m2 (2,4% of the total city market),and 43,8 th. m2 of these have not yet been purchased.Low-rise construction has been traditional for Kurortny district. Thus, seven of the 11 residential complexes won’t have more than four floors and an attic. "On the whole, multi-storey complexes have been still predominating -  53,8% of the total primary housing market in the district", — Evgenia Litvinova notes.The highest of them is Residential Real Estate “Dyuna” by group of companies  “TsDS”, where 21 floors are planned. On the whole, there will be about 600 apartments with a total area of 31 th.m2 in the complex. Also, “Dom u Razliva” by group of companies  “Prok” with an area of 54,2 th.m2 (845 apartments) is worth mentioning, the highest building having 10 floors. In the elite segment the highest building is that of apartment-hotel Crystal of Company Apriori – seven floors.  

For one’s Own People Only

"If elite apartments may be regarded as real estate for recreation and rest, mass-market is mainly a local product to meet the needs of the residents of microdistricts  neighboring. Also, it may be chosen by those who prefer a regular town life and relatively near by the vicinity of underground, saving them money along with that ", — Arsen Kelemenyan.

For quarter I, 2015, in Kurortny district 5,5 th.m2 of all classes of housing in the primary market have been realized, the share of the mass-market being 80 % of all concluded bargains. "In 2014, the volume of demand remained at the same level, practically, — from 5,6 to 9,3 th. m2 - depending on the particular quarter ", — Evgenia Litvinova notes.The demand for residential real estate in the Kurortny district remains at the average level, mainly due to it’s far distance from the city.  "First of all, buyers look for the possibility of permanent residence, since the well developed infrastructure provides a comfortable life in the given district, and they are less prone to regard the objects as “dacha”, — Director of Residential Real Estate of NAI Becar Polina Yakovleva says.

Slightly Cheaper

On  1st April, 2015, according to the data of Consulting centre “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost”, the mass-market class price averaged 93,3 th. roubles for 1 m2. This is 11,7% above the average index for suburban districts of Petersburg, and 10,4% below the average level of habitable city districts.  For the last 12 months the average price has risen by 8,9%.As Polina Yakovleva notes, at the moment the average market prices are falling: compared with last December, the cost has fallen by about 5 %. The average price of elite housing per square metre in the districts amounted to 267,8 th. roubles, this being by 12,1% lower than the average price in Petersburg. For 12 months the average price here has risen by 23,6%. "At the beginning of 2015, the significant alteration of average price was caused by the correlation of prices for elite class objects in the given location with the value of currencies", — Evgenia Litvinova explains. 

New Land

There is no land in the proper sense of the word for some projects designed for Kurortny district. These are Alluvia “Novy bereg” of Company “Severo-Zapad Invest”, where 2 mln m2 of housing construction is possible.   On the territory of the aerodrome “Gorskaya”, Company “Lider Group” is planning to construct 195 th. m2 of housing on 79 hectares.In September 2014, Company “Stroitelny Trest” obtained a permit to build Residential Real Estate with an area of 8 th. m2 on Primorskoe highway in Sestroretsk.  Company "FB Sestroretsk" is planning to construct the second housing stage of Residential Real Estate “Vodolei”  — "Vodolei 2" with an area of about 10 th. m2.Also, there are projects to construct apart-hotels in for example Repino, Komarovo and Solnechny.


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