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A lived-in place


Unlike other dormitory suburbs, Frunzenskiy district does not show active construction of new housing. 

Here in recent years only long-delayed construction projects were being finished; only few developers are constructing new housing here. It is historically formed that Slavy Pr. and Bukharestskaya St. area is densely built with houses of Soviet typical projects of 1970-1980th. 

‘The main part of new construction in the district is formed by infill residential complexes, appeared in gaps of already developed area,’ says Maxim Ignatovitch, a head of sales and acquisition department of Surveyor International Group, ‘The district was being actively developed around 10–12 years ago, and by the start of new metro stations “Mezhdunarodnaya” and “Bukharestskaya” the territory was almost developed. Active development in the last 3–5 years has moved to the south: closer to “Zvezdnaya” metro station and Dunaiskiy pr.’

Long-delayed projects in Kupchino

Specialists of “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” company say that in 2008–2010 around 220 thousand sq. m of housing was commissioned in this location. The major residential project among them is “Raduga”, located in Zagrebskiy Blvd. developed by “LenSpetsSMU” with the total residential area of 128.2 thousand sq. m.

Construction of the following projects was also finished: a residential complex “Twin Pix” in Bukharestskaya St. by “Impuls” construction company (24.6 thousand sq. m), a RC “Respect” nearby Internatsionalistov Park by “Rikel” construction company (21.8 thousand sq. m) and a RC “Mezhdunarodniy” in Budapeshtskaya St. by “Kvartira.ru” company (41.5 thousand sq. m).

Then, during the following 2 years, no projects were commissioned. In winter 2013 a residential complex “Edinstvo” by “SMU-3” company was put into operation (15.3 thousand sq. m). Other projects completed in 2013–2014 had long and quite sad history. For example, in summer 2013 a RC “Kassiopeya” was commissioned by “Kassiopeya” housing cooperative (35.8 thousand sq. m), development of which has taken all together 10 years. In September 2014 “RosStroyInvest” construction company finished a project “Brigantina” started by “Impuls” construction company (50.1 thousand sq. m); in December “Slavburg-51” housing cooperative finished a RC “Slavburg” (27.9 thousand sq. m).

Not alone

“LSR.Nedvizhimost – Severo-Zapad” company is developing a comfort class residential complex “Sofiya” in the immediate proximity to the intersection of Slavy Pr. and Bukharestskaya St. On one side of the developing area Internatsionalistov Park is located; artificial pounds are located on the other side. This location is very popular with customers: it is already lived-in and has developed infrastructure. According to the construction project terms of the complex, around 300 thousand sq. m of housing in total are planned to be developed. Since the beginning of the construction, 17 buildings with the total residential area of 231 thousand sq. m have been offered for sale. By the present moment 4 buildings with the residential area of 28.2 thousand sq. m are commissioned, other 7 buildings are planned to be put into operation by the end of the current year.‘

“Lider Group” company is going to start construction of a new comfort class residential complex on the site of a former “Balkany” cinema in Budapeshtskaya St. 26-storeyed building is designed for 723 flats (33 thousand sq. m of housing),’ says Vitaliy Vinogradov, a head of a sales department of “Lider Group” company in St. Petersburg.


Despite the seeming vast, there are almost no vacant land plots for development in the Slavy Pr. and Bukharestskaya St. area. ‘Here quite large areas are occupied with parks, where construction is prohibited,’ Vitaliy Vinogradov notes.Among other perspectives of this location Evgenia Litvinova, a head of a project in “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” company, names a project located to the north from Slavy Pr.: renovation of a district limited by Bely Kuna St., Sofiyskaya St., Turku St. and Prazhskaya St.It is planned that “SPb Rennovatsiya” will construct here housing with the total area of more than 410 thousand sq. m. Apart of this, urban planning documentation is being prepared for the territory to the south from Slavy Pr. In October 2014 public hearing on the topic of planning and land-surveying project for an area limited by Sofiyskaya St., Dunaiskiy Pr., Malaya Bukharestskaya St., Dimitrova St. and a planned lane was held. It is possible to construct here around 175 thousand sq. m of housing.


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"Delovoi Peterburg",  № 17, 07/22/2015 p19 (11)

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