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Southern expanses


Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Peterhof are associated primarily with palace and park ensembles, popular with tourists. But new housing is being built here and indeed rather large-scale projects are being announced.

To group these three cities together can be considered an over-simplification, since each has its own characteristics that affect the volume of construction and pricing. What unites them however is that they are located to the south of the city. As well as their characteristic low-rise and middle-rise buildings: the height of buildings is rarely more than five floors, if the outskirts of Pushkin are not taken into account and even there multi-storey building projects are rare.

A meeting by the fountain

"In Peterhof, the area for development is severely limited, transport access is complicated and, therefore, little property has been built", — says a leading analyst of the investment company Surveyor International Group Olga Frolova. Also regulations limiting the height of buildings to four or five storeys have reduced the total volume of construction.

According to Knight Frank St. Petersburg, about 150 thousand sq. meters of housing is being built in Peterhof. In the main, the projects consist of apartment buildings of comfort -class. Among them is the ‘New Peterhof’ residential complex, which is being built by the ‘Absolut Stroi Servis’ company, 10 minutes from the railway station of the same name. This is a district construction project, consisting of five-storey brick houses. The ‘LenoblDomStroi’ company is building the "Peterhof Cascade" residential complex which also consists of five-storey buildings. In June the PRK-group began construction on the ‘Peterhof Park’ residential complex of 800 apartments on the Ropsha Causeway. In July, the ‘Staropetergofsky’ residential complex built by JSC ‘Rakurs’, a six-storey building of 236 apartments, was commissioned.
Territory in the Leningrad region immediately adjacent to Peterhof is also actively being explored. The "Arcade" Company is building the ‘Mandarin’ residential complex in the village of Nizino. Also in Nizinsk over a territory of 30 hectares the ‘Olim’ company is building the ‘Trinity Mountain’ low-rise area.
Projects mainly consist of blocks of flats in the comfort class. The price is lower than in St. Petersburg. Already commissioned housing prices start from 80 thousand roubles per sq. meter. In buildings under construction, the average price per square meter is about 68 thousand roubles.

Comfortable suburban towns

Pushkin has several large land resources under construction, even if they are somewhat limited. In all, according to Knight Frank St. Petersburg, around 97 thousand sq. meters are under construction currently.

"Nearer to the centre of Pushkin housing is positioned in the high-class segment, with a cost of 120 thousand roubles per sq. meter’ says Olga Frolova ‘ Further away from the centre the class of property decreases, but the complexes remain at the level of comfort with tall four – five storey buildings.”

The most prominent example is the ‘Inkeri’ residential complex from the company ‘YIT St Petersburg’, where the cost per sq. meter starts at 77 thousand roubles. In Pushkin companies such as O2 Development, ‘Dalpiterstroi’, ‘Bi Hai Inves’ and others are also carrying out construction. The average cost per sq. meter in buildings currently under construction is 108 thousand roubles. Living space in Pushkin is bought by both residents of St Petersburg and locals.

"Low –rise buildings have a positive influence on the quality of the housing environment", — observes Olga Frolova.

The general design differs according to the class of the building and the type of construction, but studio apartments are less popular here than in other areas. In Pavlovsk less housing is under construction, in total 13 thousand sq. meters and prices are lower than in Pushkin, around 83 thousand roubles per sq. meter. Here, as a rule, small buildings are constructed. For example, in June the construction of a three storey building of 9 apartments was started, Natalia Shchuplyak is the developer.

Orbiting the city

The Pushkin district is quite diverse. For example in the environs of Shushari village or Lensovetovsky there is large-scale construction of tall residential complexes, similar to those that surround the ring road on all sides. Thanks to this the Pushkin district is only a couple of hundred sq. meters from placing third in the leaders amongst all the districts of the city in volume of construction. Over the first 7 months of 2014, 14 buildings with a total area of more than 217 thousand sq. meters have been built here. Of interest are also integrated projects of land development where literally whole micro regions are springing up from empty land. The first such project of integrated land development was the residential area ‘Slavianka’ from the company ‘Baltros’, where on a territory of 220 hectares, 1.4 million sq. meters of living space for 45 -50 thousand people are being built.
The complex, which is currently on its final construction stage, consists of eight areas with buildings of a height of four – nine floors.
Near to ‘Slavianka’ , ‘Baltros’ is also building a low-rise area ‘New Izhora’ - on a plot of 285 hectares 5 thousand individual two-storey houses will be built.
‘Pushkin’ Plc is working on the ‘Aleksandrovsky’ residential area project. “When all its construction stages have been completed, its territory will consist of 200 hectares with a population of approximately 20 thousand” says the director of sales and marketing of the company, Sergei Mkrtchyan. The cost of apartments here starts from 2.5 million roubles, the complex will also include townhouses and cottages.
Two more integrated projects are being planned for implementation in the Pushkin area by the company ‘Start Development’. The first - the satellite town ‘Iuzhny’, will appear on both sides of the Kiev highway over a territory of about 2 thousand hectares. Over 19 years, 4.3 million sq. meters of housing for 134 thousand residents will be built. The second project – ‘Greater Pushkin’ – is now frozen because the investor has decided to focus on the development of ‘Iuzhny’.


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Feature pages of ‘Delovoi Peterburg’, supplement ‘Where to live’, No 135, 25/08/2014, p.14(04)

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