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Kirovskiy district of St. Petersburg became the least built-up with housing


Kirovskiy district is one of the least built up in the city. The reason for this is a large number of industrial zones, the major of which is the Big port Saint-Petersburg.  

The main part of Kirovskiy district was built up after the war in 50-70th of the previous century. Accordingly, the residential area is composed mainly by mass series houses of those times.

No space

As a result, built-up area there was dense enough, and now the construction in Kirovskiy district is not very active. ‘The reason of the low construction pace is obvious - the lack of undeveloped areas,’ Maxim Ignatovich Head of the Sales and Acquisition Department of Surveyor International Group notes.

According to “Peterburgskaya nedvizhimost”, the volume of the market in Q4 2015 was at the level of 88.6 thousand sq. m, around 29 thousand of which was offered for sale (32.5%). Sales are conducted in six residential complexes of five development companies. From the beginning of the year around 16.2 thousand sq. m were realized, that composes 1% of the total demand volume in lived-in districts of St. Petersburg.


According to Head of the NAI Becar Residential Department Polina Yakovleva, Kirovskiy district composes around 6% of the total supply volume of slipping districts in St. Petersburg. Traditionally the main amount of new residential blocks was constructed in its southern part limited by Veteranov Pr., Marshala Zhukova Pr., Stachek Pr. and Leninskiy Pr. Even now the most of residential complexes is being constructed exactly in this area.

‘Taking into account heterogeneity of this location that was densily built-up in the Soviet period and strong competition of the nearby Krasnoselskiy district, developers continue to construct cheap panel typical residential complexes,’ Maxim Ignatovich says.

Powerful zone

The specificity of development is also explained by the powerful industrial zone. For Kirovskiy district it is characteristically that residential areas of various construction years are surrounded by several rings of industrial zones, forming a kind of layered cake in the district, where industrial zones of Peter times are alternate with the Stalinist buildings, giving the way to the industrial zone of the industrialization period. Here in the district there is also the Big port Saint-Petersburg – the largest industrial zone of the city.

Oleg Pashin General Manager of “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” notes that now in Kirovskiy district few projects are being realized, despite the existing demand for the district. There are almost no vacant land plots for residential development, and significant part of the district’s territory is built-up with industrial enterprises. Perspectives of residential development here are connected with the output of enterprises from the territory. It is only a matter of time, as in other areas of the city renovation of industrial areas began to develop not so long ago.

Life with comfort

Newly built houses predominantly belong to comfort-class. This explains relatively high prices compared to the average level for the inhabited areas. According to Polina Yakovleva, price for 1 sq. m varies from 90 to 100 thousand Roubles depending on the distance from an underground station. According to “Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost” on 1st November 2015 average price for housing here exceeded the city average level by 10% and amounted to 3.52 million Roubles per a studio flat, 4.47 million for a one-room flat, 6.83 million for a two-room flat, 6.93 for a three-room flat and 9.28 million for a four-room flat.

‘Prices for housing in the district change according to the dynamics in the city: in last 3-4 months prices are decreasing by 1-1.5% per month. The decrease in November 2015 amounted to 0.5%,’ Maxim Ignatovich notes. One of the special features of the district is a limited number of developers. Among the major developers currently represented here it is possible to name perhaps only “CDS” group of companies.

But “Voin” company is developing here three residential complexes: RC “Benua”, RC “Sheremetyevskiy dvorets” and RC “Usadba Vorontsovykh”. Construction here is also conducted by “Konnolakhtinskiy 55”, “Monolit-Kirovstroy” and “Petropol” companies.

To output from the zone

The only possibility for expansion of developed areas of the district is to output industrial areas and redevelopment of their territories. 

‘The output of industrial areas out of St. Petersburg is an extremely long and complicated process,’ Polina Yakovleva notes, ‘Appearance of perspective land plots for residential development in the next 10 years in Kirovskiy district is highly unlikely’. Herewith, according to her words, construction of new houses is possible under renovation projects. For example, now Primatech Company is constructing RC “Admiral” under the reconstruction project of the house which was built by Leon Boguskiy architect in 1900-1908 years in Art Nouveau style.

According to Maxim Ignatovich, areas near Avtovskaya Street and exit from the Western High Speed Diameter near Avtomobilmaya Street are the most perspective for the redevelopment. Active industrial activity has not been held for a long period of time, and residential areas and underground stations are close enough. The same is possible to conclude about areas near Marshala Govorova Street; there in former industrial blocks low quality office and shopping centres are located.


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"Delovoi Peterburg",  12/30/2015

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