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Rosreestr (Russian Registry) Commission refused the cadastral value reduction to “daughter” of Izhora factories.


Rosreestr Commission on cadastral valuation dispute resolution refused the revaluation  of the land in Kolpino to OOO (Limited Liability Company) “Business park Izhora”.  

Company tried to reduce the cost of plots by 40% – from 892 to 535,5 mln roubles. In January, Company “Business park Izhora” applied to the Rosreestr Commission with the alternative market estimation of 19 land plots at the territory of Izhora plants. One of them belongs to Company jointly with AO (Joint-Stock Company) “LTech SPb”.  “SIG Appraisal” made the evaluation. However, Commission regarded the document as not meeting federal standards and rejected the Company application. OAO (Open Joint-Stock Company) “Nevskaya manufactura” also failed to reduce land cadastral valuation.  The owner tried to reduce the price of the land plot in Telman street, 22, from 79 to 57 mln roubles.  Instead, Commission approved the land valuation reduction by 27 % for Kushelevskij plant bakery.   

According to alternative evaluation made by “Evro Audit group”, the cost of the territory in Politehnicheskaya street, 11, reduced from 148 to 108 mln roubles. The cadastral valuation of Petersburg land was revaluated by Smolny in 2013 based on the valuation made by  GUP (State Unitary Enterprise) “GUION” (State Management of Inventory and Real Estate Appraisal). Mainly, the price was considerably raised. Respectively, the land taxes of parcels owners rose.  Before, Toyota and Hyundai plants succeeded in reducing land cadastral value by 40 %.  The Commission recommended changes to the report for re-disputing cadastral value, i.e. the resolution given by Commission is not final, as the members of Company informed “Fontanka”.  

«As everybody knows, the statistical data of resolutions of Commission on contestation of the cadastral value of property prove that the positive resolution is given in about 10% of all cases. However, as against last year, the position of the city has altered.  Thus, in particular, on 11.02.2015, there took place the sitting of the Arbitration Court in the matter of the contestation of cadastral value of the land property of “OM3-Spetsstal” where the plaintiff proved his case. At the sitting, based on our report, the representative of GUION stated more than once that at present the city didn’t refuse everyone but regarded the essence of the question. That is why we have also decided to try to meet the requirements of Commission and correct the pointed reprimands, each of them having its disputable aspects. In the nearest future the Commission will obtain the repeated application and a report, the latter will be drawn up in accordance with the wishes of Commission members» – executive Director of SIG Appraisal Ivan Grigoriev stated. 


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