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Head of the “Fair Russia” faction in the Legislative Assembly of Leningrad Region, Alexander Perminov, said that if the problem with the development of border areas between St. Petersburg and the 47th region is not be solved urgently in five years time the situation will lead not only to transport problems, but also social collapse. As a correspondent of IA REGNUM reports, the deputy spoke about this, on 27th March, at a joint press conference of “Fair Russia” factions in urban and regional parliaments on issues of urban development.

Leader of the “Fair Russia” faction in the city parliament Alexei Kovalev believes that this is a complex problem: both crude urban planning code of the city designed primarily for business, and the reluctance of the regional authorities to use the territorial pattern of development, and the lack of inventories of objects of regional significance – all this leads to chaos in urban development at the border between St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

Lead Analyst of Surveyor International Group Olga Frolova commented that the situation is disappointing in all territories of the region adjacent to the metropolis: both in the north and south, and in the east. A large increase of residents is observed in Zanevskiy, Bugrovskiy,

Anninskiy settlements, Novodevyatkino, Murino – in north and east directions, Vsevolozhsk District is being built up, whereby traffic problems are already arising – in particular, on the Murmansk highway.

St. Petersburg is not building entries and exits, new territories are not developed comprehensively, but rather spontaneously. The border area is not provided with any social infrastructure, houses there are actually standing in fields. The Region cannot afford to build anything with it’s own money, and developers are not concerned about this problem.

There are also problems, according to Olga Frolova, with connecting to engineering networks, the increasing load on transport, garbage disposal – between the region and the city there is no scheme governing the location of landfills and waste treatment plants. “It is clear that they will be placed in the Region, and this will create additional discontentment among the growing population in the border areas”, - said the expert.

Deputies agreed that there is no policy for a comprehensive development of areas. They see a way out of this situation in the creation of a list of objects of regional significance, as well as the interest of executive authorities in solving the problem. In the first place, according to Alexei Kovalev, regional authorities are responsible for the existing chaos. If such connivance in the urban policy will grow, it will lead to social tensions.

IA REGNUM, 27th March 2014  18:56