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"Surprising competitive tender" for the right of evaluation

Yesterday, February, 5, the open on-line auction for the right to conclude the municipal contract to evaluate market cost of real estate municipal objects owned by Petrozavodsk urban district was held. 

The evaluation of real estate objects is necessary to determine the price at buying-out the leased property. In Petersburg such works have been traditionally performed by  SUE “GUION” (State Unitary Enterprise of State Management of Inventory and Real Estate Appraisal) (before, the companies accredited to CCPM (the Committee on City Property Management) had also been engaged in this work).

In the competitive bidding 19 companies took part, including our company (SIG Appraisal). After almost an hour and a half bidding, three bidders dropped the contract price into minus, i.e. they agreed to pay in excess for the right to evaluate: an initially declared contract value of 240 000 roubles dropped to MINUS 82 800 roubles.

«There sometimes occur single cases of minus price at bidding. As a rule, they are connected with the image part of a contract (of a customer) for the company contractor. In the given case we can hardly believe in the image history of the present bidding.    The evaluators winners (everyone who went into minus) incurred direct losses that causes at least perplexity if not suspicion…» - Ivan Grigoriev, executive Director of SIG Appraisal.

You may read more about the past bidding in the article of “Delovoi Petersburg”.