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SIG at "Expert North-West" round table

Surveyor International Group Company took part in a round table called "The problems of urban design." organized by "Expert North-West" magazine.

On January 22 Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg adopted law "On the regional urban design regulations applicable in the territory of St. Petersburg", which defines the minimum thresholds of providing citizens with social, cultural and municipal facilities, engineering and transport infrastructure. 

The round table expert group consisted of representatives of developers, investors, representatives of the Commission for Municipal Economy; and Scientific Research and Design Center of the master plan of St. Petersburg.

Despite the fact that the document has been in development since 2006, almost all of the round table participants marked its ambiguity and the need for corrective action and specific improvements: the use of different approaches depending on the classes of housing, the use of such indicators as population density.

According to Olga Frolova, a leading analyst of SIG company, the document needs an introduction of the differentiated approach involving the use of different standards for the historic city center and for residential districts: "These areas are characterized by totally different demographic structure, and therefore, by different social infrastructure needs. 

At the moment we have a situation, in which a significant share of land plots in the central part of the city cannot be developed because of the impossibility to ensure regulatory compliance of infrastructure provision in accordance with the standards adopted by the law."

At the end of the round table the experts agreed that the presence of law is better that absence thereof; as well as common rules for all, which in the future will allow developing both business and the city.