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Main/For Lease/Business Centre «Business Palazzo»

Business Centre «Business Palazzo»

St. Petersburg, Ligovsky Ave. 29

Project parameters

  • Total area of the business centre - 3,800 sqm
  • Rentable area -3300 sqm
  • Number of floors: 6
  • "Class B" Business Centre
  • Investment agreement with the city is signed
  • Project implementation - June 2015


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Expertise of current project

Before starting the project development, the specialists of Company SIG have analyzed the primary TEIs (technical and economic indicators), at the ground of which they have detected all project “white spots” lowering the investment attraction. 
During the working process a number of examinations have also been made, including the analysis of space-planning decisions of the project.  The investigation has shown that the existing planning of inner spaces doesn’t meet the modern market requirements which may lead to unsatisfactory results in the project’s realization.
Company specialists have re-planned and improved the project, and, before other things, they have increased the rate of using space.
As a result, they created a new financial model increasing the financial effect of the project.

Designing and architectural works

Following the analysis of all present planning solutions (the designer – Company “Bereg”) and considering all regulatory requirements, the decision was made to change the present plannings, thus increasing leasable areas as well as comfort for tenants:

  • Increase of leasable area from 2844,9 m2 to 3121,9 m2 (the utilization factor of area – 86%) due to decrease of corridor area.
  • Design of the entrance area. Correction of planning solutions of entrance group. Organization of convenient accessibility.
  • Change of offices cutting. Differentiation of office areas. Adaptation of business-centre for urgent demands of tenants.
  • Optimization of stairs number to two – this number will be sufficient to carry out evacuation. The unsmokeable corridor is planned to meet the requirements of fire safety.
  • Optimization of lift numbers to one lift in the central part of the building.
  • Analysis has shown that the optimal provision with lifts for a six-storey building of the same area is one lift per 5000 m2 of leasable area. So, the second lift is unnecessary for the business-centre being designed, one express elevator with the system of current optimization which allows for shortening the waiting time will be enough.
  • 3D modeling.

Development of naming, brand style and concept of project promotion

  • Granting of naming «BUSINESS PALAZZO».
  • Development of several variants of premises design solution.
  • Additional visual materials for approved design of premises to make the project concept more clear.
  • Perspective views of façade to put on website.
  • Provision of visual materials for clients and solution of adjoining office roofs to windows.

Development of rental campaign and project brokerage

Company specialists have developed a rental campaign which began with competent market positioning of the building and it’s promotion in the mass-media. The main target groups of tenants were determined and further promotion was planned. 
As a result, anchor tenants were attracted for a short time. Taking into account the current state of the building and the whole situation of the commercial real estate market, the attraction of stable tenants with contracts for 5 years (network “Girlyanda”) and 7 years (“Stolovaya Tarelka”) may be counted as a success.  
Besides, the work of Company specialists was not over at the stage of signing lease agreement, as it usually happens with third-party agents and brokers. Our specialists participate in the process of restorative works in the leased premises, permitting the communication of tenants with technicians of the building owner.   
Taking into account the difficult situation in the market of office real estate, at present the active attraction of tenants is being carried out within the limits of building brokerage. Besides, based on the current economic reality, the evaluation of potential tenants (stability, financial conditions) is being made to lower the risks of the building’s owner as much as possible and increase the projects profits.

Legal support

To support the building rental campaign legally, Law Company “Legis Universum” joining the group of Companies “Surveyor International Group” has been recruited. The legal scheme of renting out the reconstructed building has resulted as well as the projects of preliminary and main lease contracts considering the interests of the leaser to the utmost degree.  
As evidence to the high quality of work undertaken, we can note that all lease contracts were signed by the tenants in our editorial office and the corrections were minimal.

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Project description

  • St. Petersburg, Ligovsky Ave. 29
  • "Class B" Business Centre
  • Total area of the business center - 3,800 sqm
  • Office premises - from 15 to 150 sqm
  • Project implementation - June 2015

The building is located in the Tsentralny district of Saint-Petersburg, the business and cultural city centre, at the crossing of the main city lines: Nevsky and Ligovsky avenues and Vosstaniya Square.

At the district territory there are 11 underground stations, 5 of them being located as near as 1 km to the building.

Thoughtful planning solutions, high quality interior, improved yard space and the up-to-date equipment of the business-centre, provide tenants with the utmost comfort in living conditions.