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Strategy defines future We know not only how to predict the tomorrow but also how to guarantee the day after tomorrow

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Strategic advisory

As a rule, strategic challenges that arise in the process of implementing investment projects in the real estate market cannot be solved by simple formulas and template techniques

Utilizing standard practices without respect for the realities of Russian business, in most cases, does not provide the desired results.

Russia, Lake Baikal, Cape Burkhan

Formation of concepts and analysis of investment projects in isolation from urban planning, legislative and political aspects can lead to erroneous investment in the projects that cannot be implemented in the future in view of unforeseen significant limitations.

In order to tackle challenges described above, investors turn to consultants and, naturally, they expect specific solutions rather than just standard analysis of the existing problems.

Working with SIG doesn’t just give you advice; it gives you the solution, which is found and implemented in cooperation with you. This is our idea on what strategic consulting really is.

Our experience in implementation of investment projects based on existing practice, deep knowledge in the field of urban development, law, investment, residential and commercial real estate markets will allow our clients to achieve their goals and gain long-term competitive advantages of the projects being implemented.                                                                                                                                                                                                

As a part of strategic consulting SIG team provides a comprehensive approach and deals with local problems such as:

The key to our success is understanding the needs of customers and partners, creative approach to problem solving and ability to quickly respond to market changes.